We have the best readers in the world.

If you really want to get noticed, then you can use one of our two advertising spaces around the site and the forums. There’s the big leaderboard at the top of every page next to our logo, and the large rectangle (an ‘mpu’) in the sidebar.

How it works.

Buy a proportion of the advertising space for a month, and you can fill it with as many images/gifs/adverts as you like, linking wherever you want.

25% of all page views       £300/mo
50%       £600/mo
75%       £900/mo
100%  the ad space is yours alone      £1200/mo

If you’d prefer a fortnight, then just cut those prices in half.

The real value of a Punktastic advert or sponsorship is our amazing, great-looking readers. Our audience of 50,000 music fans read a quarter of a million pages on our site every month. These fantastic young men and women are some of the few people in the UK still willing to spend their money encouraging their favourite organisations and artists.

If you’re on a tight budget, well you could get involved in our forums for free and see what people really think. You can contact our News Desk if you’ve got news-worthy stories, or Tom if you’d like to run a competition or highlight a discount

If you’d like to book for longer or shorter times, or you want to talk about CPM rates, then just get in touch and we can work something out.  If you want it for a fortnight or a week, just divide the above costs by two or four.

If you have exclusive content, then as a free add-on we can run competitions, highlighted news, feature articles and we’ll promote you to our 20,000 fans on Twitter and Facebook.


Go ahead – send an email to James now and we’ll get something sorted.