The Gaslight Anthem – ‘Get Hurt’

New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem came roaring onto the scene in 2007 with the release of their debut album ‘Sink Or Swim’. Fast forward seven years later, and they’re still stealing hearts with their alternative (and wonderfully slick) brand of punk rock. Along with the release of their latest album ‘Get Hurt’, this quartet is […]

Prawn – ‘Kingfisher’

The emo revival that has happened over the course of the last few years has been a blessing and a curse in some ways. It is blessing to the new generation of kids discovering the scene, as they are presented with a modern take on one of the great musical movements of the late 90′s, […]

DZ Deathrays – ‘Black Rat’

‘Black Rat’, the sophomore record by Brisbane based self-confessed house party aficionados DZ Deathrays, is like a journey through an adolescent’s fucked up headspace. Imagine an episode of Skins – the British TV show following a group of debauched teenagers through various exaggerated trials and tribulations of life – well, this album could soundtrack it […]

Calling All Cars – ‘Raise The People’

Aussie trio Calling All Cars are just shy of turning ten years old. Starting off in a small town in 2005, the group steadily worked their way through tours before landing a damn good slot supporting Green Day in New Zealand. Since then, they’ve released four studio albums, toured with AC/DC, Queens Of the Stone […]

Haze – ‘Clouds Surround and Breathe’

How you feel about Haze’s ‘Clouds Surround and Breathe’ is greatly dependent on how you feel about instrumentals and extended guitar solos – are they amazing or self-indulgent? Don’t be fooled by the nine tracks listed on this album, as many of them push the ten minute mark, challenging even the most diligent of attention […]

Twin Atlantic – ‘Great Divide’

“Music is my therapy, I can listen to it all night long” sings Sam McTrusty just moments into the long awaited second album from Twin Atlantic. It’s with this line that the front man, whose distinctive Glaswegian vocals are still at the forefront, sums up everything that has made his band so successful over the […]

Living Room – ‘Moonchaser’

‘Moonchaser’ is the debut album from Brooklyn’s Living Room and it’s pretty damn good. You’ve got melodic emo-rock with big vocal melodies, a huge turn of pace, and some really exciting breakdowns. After a brief and underwhelming introduction the band quickly kick into life. ‘Casual Science’ is a three minute jam which really sets the […]

Call Me Malcolm – ‘We Did This To Ourselves’

London ska-punk bands are pretty commonplace. Open the front door and you’ll probably see groups of trilby-donned, camouflage-suited skankers lining the pavements. As a result, any band that releases a ska-punk album needs something to set them apart from the abundance of said genre. Call Me Malcolm don’t have a secret weapon under their belts, […]

Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra – ‘Well Soon’

‘Well Soon’ is the latest full length from California’s Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra, released this July on Make New Enemies. Whilst this is the band’s most polished album to date it’s still stacked full of character, unexpected melodies, and a plethora of instruments along the way. ‘Post Graduation Oblivion’ is the ideal introduction […]

Matahari – ‘Shameless’

Matahari’s debut album ‘Shameless’ feels decidedly retro. The album brings to mind numerous melodic hardcore bands from the mid 00s. The occasional slow-burning experiment in lumbering tempos aside, ‘Shameless’ builds upon a foundation of the corpses of bands such as Ruiner, Go It Alone and Life Long Tragedy. Meanwhile, the occasional metallic guitar riff and, […]

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