Wire – ‘Wire’

It is something to marvel at when a band can create music for the best part of 40 years and still manage to sound relevant each time. One such band that has managed this is Wire. After emerging in 1977 with their post-punk masterpiece ‘Pink Flag’, they would become one of the most influential British […]

Phoenix Calling – ‘Forget Your Ghosts’

Since the alarming rise of Mallory Knox, it appears a few bands from the Cambridge area are hopping on the pop-rock radio wagon. Phoenix Calling, a five-piece hailing from Peterborough, are one such group. In the three short years that they’ve been around, these guys released their EP entitled ‘Waves’, and have hit the road […]

Lacey – ‘Under The Brightest Lights’

With another busy festival season just around the corner, Lacey make a strong claim for their place on your summer playlist with ‘Under The Brightest Lights’. Having honed their pop-rock sound with their 2013 ‘Outlaws’ EP, Lacey’s début album strikes the perfect balance between melody and muscle in a way that calls Jimmy Eat World’s […]

Nai Harvest – ‘Hairball’

If you have been following the UK music scene for an extended period of time, you will undoubtedly be familiar with Nai Harvest. They have arguably become one of our best exports, and garnered huge acclaim with their debut album ‘Whatever’ in 2013, and would ultimately result in them signing too highly credible label Topshelf […]

Strung Out – ‘Transmission.Alpha.Delta’

As soon as ‘Rats In The Wall, the opening number from Strung Out’s eighth studio album, blares out of the speakers, it’s clear that ‘Tranmission.Alpha.Delta’ is going to be a masterful listen. For a band who have remained consistently on form throughout their 25 year plus history, it comes as no surprise that their amalgamation […]

As It Is – ‘Never Happy, Ever After’

Brighton via Minneapolis emo pop-punks As It Is have the weight of the world on their shoulders as they unleash ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ on the highly expectant world. Boasting one of the strongest online followings for any alternative artist out there, not least due to vocalist Patty Walters’ YouTube dabbling, and finding themselves signed […]

We Are Harlot – ‘We Are Harlot’

‘Meet your new favourite band!!’ So begins the press release accompanying the début album from hair-metal revivalists, sorry, ‘Transcontinental rockers’ We Are Harlot.You can tell they’re transcontinental because the word ‘transcontinental’ is mentioned twice in as many sentences. In fact, so preoccupied is said press release with the nationalities of the band’s respective members – ‘Jeff […]

Super Luxury – ‘Ten Solid Years Of Applause’

Leeds based four-piece Super Luxury inhabit a similar musical sphere to stateside distorted noise makers such as Metz and their ilk, running on a healthy dose of party and condensing it into a punk inspired scuzzy whirlwind. Yet there’s a quirkier edge on ‘Ten Solid Years Of Applause’, not least lyrically, which embodies the party […]

Seasons Change – ‘Please Don’t Leave’

The last couple of years have proven to be a great time to be into pop-punk; if you can put aside the laughable hand-wringing from earnest dudes in checked shirts about what does and doesn’t constitute the genre’s values and attitudes (come on guys – we’re talking about four chords and songs about girls, not some kind of revolutionary political movement) […]

ACODA – ‘Truth Seeker’

ACODA’s latest album has been hailed as their new beginning – a fresh start, if you will. That’s not to say that the last few years have seen them fail; in fact, it’s been quite the opposite. They’ve toured with Hawthorne Heights, shared stages alongside Funeral For a Friend, Marmozets, and Devil Sold His Soul, […]

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