FACT – ‘Witness’

Japans hardcore/metal outfit FACT have steadily been building a repertoire of material over the last 5 years. The adage of Brit Adam Graham in 2012 helped push their sound further, with the band becoming a triple guitar attack, with Adam also joining lead vocalist Hiro on singing duties. Now a 6 piece, and on their […]

Banner Pilot – Souvenir

Banner Pilot are back with their fourth studio album, ‘Souvenir’, and with distinctive vocals, a consistent up-beat tempo, and a heavy nod to late 90’s punk-rock, it’s a very welcome return. ‘Modern Shakes’ is a strong opening track and one that quickly sees the band settle back into their groove – solid verses backed with […]

Villains – ‘Villains’

During his recent controversial Brit award speech, Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame mumbled a few almost incomprehensible lines about rock music and its adherence to the rules of the cyclical nature of the universe. If you try and look far, far, far past his collection of pretentious bullshit statements and try to ignore his […]

Playlounge – ‘Pilot’

With the clocks now firmly forward and the longer days bringing with them a smattering of sunshine, the wait for the summer is almost over. With ‘Pilot’, Playlounge may have crafted its soundtrack. Drenched in distortion, opener ‘I Am A Lion’ lays all cards on the table, a thunderous kick-start that instantly dispels any concern […]

Midday Committee – ‘Girls In Open C’

It’s the time of year where new album releases are vetted depending on whether they’re summer soundtracks or not. Fortunately for those seeking long drive anthems and albums of a more sunny nature, ‘Girls in Open C’ ticks all the boxes of a summer classic, keeping things up-tempo and not too deep, with plenty of […]

LostAlone – ‘Shapes Of Screams’

LostAlone’s third studio album, ‘Shapes of Screams’, is an odd creation. The first few moments of it hint at a pretty standard rock affair before it explodes into a theatrical mishmash of bells and choirs, and soaring solos and pounding riffs. All things taken separately, there is nothing wrong with these elements, but put together, […]

Pup – ‘Pup’

Two years of relentless touring with the likes of Billy Talent, Titus Andronicus, and Fucked Up has seen Toronto, ON quartet, PUP win many fans and earn plenty of critical acclaim. Stereogum named them one of their “40 Bands of 2013”, and Grid T.O. described them as “one of Toronto’s best live bands”. The latter […]

Seahaven – ‘Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only’

Seahaven’s new album, ‘Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only’ takes the band into an awesome new direction. It’s rare to find bands that evolve so much from one album to another, but even rarer to find those that do it so well. The whole album feels more honest and mature than Seahaven’s previous work. Now […]

Itch – ‘The Deep End’

Here at Punktastic, it’d be hard to say that we’re a stranger to Red Bull Records artist Itch. Controversy surrounding his former band The King Blues spewed up through the forums a few times “back in the day” – go search for it if you’re that bothered – and there’s always that cameo in the […]

La Dispute – Rooms Of The House

If you can manage to collect a group of songs under a banner, and keep the listener not only interested, but really take that listener on a journey with you, then you can justifiably consider your work a success. This third LP by La Dispute tells us that there is “history in the Rooms of […]

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