Charlie Simpson – ‘Long Road Home’

Charlie Simpson has carved himself quite a career these days. It could have been all so easy for him to return to his pop star past, joining his former Busted bandmates who have been touring up and down the UK in some of the country’s biggest venues. It’s a testament to his belief and passion […]

Crows-An-Wra – Kalopsia

Crows-An-Wra’s debut album is an eclectic, colourful affair. The Cornish quartet builds from a wide range of influences and crashes them together fluently. Fundamentally, the connections to defunct UK screamo bands Ravachol and Crocus (3/4 Ravachol + 1/4 Crocus = Crows-An-Wra) are difficult to ignore. Crows-An-Wra essentially sound like a mix of these bands only […]

’68 – ‘In Humor And Sadness’

From his time fronting Norma Jean to ten years as vocalist of The Chariot, Josh Scogin’s career has, until recently, trodden a fairly similar path. With his latest endeavour ’68, Scogin has largely stepped away from what he knows. Superfluous elements such as multiple band members, expensive production, and even full track names are gone, […]

Dikembe – ‘Mediumship’

Having played my You Blew It! / Dikembe split cassette to the tape’s literal death, “It’s been a long time coming” is a fitting opening line Dikembe’s new LP ‘Mediumship’. ‘Mediumship’ was released on Tiny Engines, who also released the band’s first LP, Broad Shoulders, the ‘Chicago Bowls’ EP and their split with Jazz June, […]

The Dead Rabbitts – ‘Shapeshifter’

The Dead Rabbitt’s latest release manages to simultaneously be both bland and entertaining – but for all the wrong reasons. Despite some killer riffs and great, engaging instrumentation, ‘Shapeshifter’ is blighted by awful vocals, hilariously terrible lyrics and repetitive, clichéd themes. ‘Shapeshifter’ as a whole has three lyrical topics: love, hate and sanity being pressed […]

Joyce Manor – ‘Never Hungover Again’

Joyce Manor have always managed to be concise and concentrated; their 2011 self-titled record showing exactly that. The main reason for the Californian punk band’s high regard is their ability to deliver punk songs which combine striking melodies with sweet choruses and raw emotion. ‘Never Hungover Again’ is a continuation of all this, refusing to […]

The Sun And The Sea – ‘American Empire’

‘American Empire’ is the debut full-length from Midwest America’s The Sun And The Sea, and it’s set to be self-released this summer. It’s ten tracks of ambient indie-rock with an electronic and chilled undercurrent throughout. From the outset The Sun and The Sea showcase a really light and airy vibe. ‘Follow The Light’ drifts through […]

The Homeless Gospel Choir – ‘I Used To Be So Young’

Derek Zanetti, the one-man force behind The Homeless Gospel Choir, has a lot to say. He has experienced things that have made him angry – some related to politics and society, and some immeasurably more personal. ‘I Used To Be So Young’ provides Zanetti with an outlet for his adult angst. Here he discusses his […]

Henrietta – ‘The Trick Is Not Minding’

‘The Trick Is Not Minding’ is the long awaited debut album from Orlando’s Henrietta, released this August on Animal Style Records. After six years in the making the quartet deliver an album stacked full of inventive and melodic emo-rock mixed with powerful and moving vocals, and quite frankly it’s excellent. The subtle and atmospheric opening […]

Speaking in Shadows – ‘The Lies We Lead’

Speaking in Shadows rock in the field shared by Lower Than Atlantis, You Me At Six and We Are The Ocean – a mix of pop-punk with the harder energies of alternative rock and hardcore. However, listening to Speaking in Shadows, it’s clear there is little in common with pop-punk here compared to their contemporaries; […]

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