FIDLAR – ‘Too’

FIDLAR are growing up, and aren’t sure what to do about it. Perhaps slightly presumptuous, yet evidence for this is dotted all over their sophomore album ‘Too’. The carefree frivolity that characterised their self-titled debut has been watered down by adult anxieties. The drug ode opener and lead single ‘40oz. On Repeat’ – a slower […]

The Wonder Years – ‘No Closer To Heaven’

The Wonder Years didn’t just release the best pop-punk album of 2013. With ‘The Greatest Generation’, the Philadelphian sextet blurred the lines between the alternative, the mainstream and the universally heralded. Appearing on a broad range of end of year lists, the album demonstrated art in a world often labelled as superficial. For many, ‘The […]

Disturbed – ‘Immortalized’

At the turn of the century, the nu-metal sub genre appeared seemingly out of nowhere and took the underground world by storm. However as quickly as it rose like a phoenix, it would ultimately fall like a turkey and become a mockery of itself. There would be some bands that would survive the slump, and […]

Teenage Time Killers – ‘Greatest Hits Vol. 1’

Although this album was promoted as being a supergroup formed with the likes of Corey Taylor, Randy Blythe, Dave Grohl, Jello Biafra and a whole host of other people who have more money than you do, it listens more like a compilation album of a few different bands. Where this album is interesting though is […]

Stray From The Path – ‘Subliminal Criminals’

Stray From The Path have been knocking over tea cups and spitting in the coffee’s of the powers that be for quite some time, but have majorly ramped it up for their seventh studio album ‘Subliminal Criminals’, an angry punch in the mouth to the shit we are fed (literally and metaphorically) through TV, Radio, […]

Templeton Pek – ‘New Horizons’

Birmingham Trio Templeton Pek have been at the peripheries of the mainstream for years, watching with presumed bemusement as an endless stream of British bands ascend to stardom on the back of more fashionable, but far weaker material than theirs. If 2013’s ‘Signs’ represented a lane change, consciously sanding the edges of their heavy but hugely […]

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes – ‘Blossom’

Pure Love were good, but let’s be fair, it is much better to have angry Frank back. It’s what he does best, he was born to be controversial, aggressive and incendiary. We love it and wait with baited breath for everything he says or does. Don’t be fooled, Frank has more in his locker than anger, […]

The Bastard Sons – ‘Smoke’

“T. H. E. B. A. S. T. A. R. D” shout The Bastard Sons in opening track ‘The Bastard’ on their new LP ‘Smoke’ which will have crashed through your roof all jet plane engine like on the 7th August through Kaiju Records. There has been a refreshing array of new guitar bands favouring powerful riffs […]

Brunel – ‘Smash On’

Brunel have been together since 2012, their beginnings rooted in the Plymouth alternative scene. ‘Smash On’ is the debut from the 4 piece. Made up with members from previous musical projects Brunel are: Jim MacGregor (vocals), John Cooper (Guitarist), Craig Smith (Bassist) and Ben Russell (Drums). They have gate-crashed 2015 with their full-length, a ferocious […]

American Fangs – ‘Dirty Legs’

“Put your hands where my eyes can see” are the first cries of American Fangs vocalist Gabriel Cavalos seconds into opening track ‘Slavery Wedding’. With only three seconds of feedback before the track comes in with its Gallows energy-meets-Busta Rhymes lyrics, it sets the simple yet powerful tone for the album. With ten tracks spread […]

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