Attention Thieves – ‘Year Of the Jackal’

Attention Thieves were that band who seemed to be everywhere a couple of years ago – they played some great shows, went on some fantastic tours, released a few solid EPs and singles, and then…poof. They simply disappeared and went quiet without a trace. That’s because a week before the release of their EP ‘Hard […]

Break Anchor – ‘In A Van Down By The River’

These days we chuck around the term pop-punk a lot. The term is all encompassing and often isn’t a reliable descriptor for the bands that are tagged as such. Break Anchor however wear this title proudly and do their best to give pop-punk the good name it deserves. This album is not saccharine sweet or […]


When METZ released their self-titled debut in 2012, not even they were prepared for the immediate cult status it would welcome. Despite its overt noise rock, METZ found themselves celebrated in wider musical communities; finding a particularly strong home within the indie market. Their scene shared little in common with their sound, yet successfully generated […]

And So I Watch You From Afar – ‘Heirs’

What makes And So I Watch You From Afar special, compared to other post-rock / math-rock bands is their energy, stage presence, and overwhelming sense of euphoria. ‘Heirs’ is the fourth full-length album from the Belfast quartet and is, unfortunately, nothing new. The energy of their live performances does not translate well onto this record, […]

Will Haven – ‘Open the Mind to Discomfort’ 

Grady Avenell’s return on vocals for his third stint was for Will Haven fans akin to the return of Joey Jordison to Slipknot or the reunion of The Chariot. You always hoped it would happen, and it would just make everything so much better. ‘Open the Mind to Discomfort’, Will Haven’s latest release on Artery […]

Ceremony – ‘The L-Shaped Man’

So often when a bands sound has progressed to a point where there is very little in common with the sound they started with, it usually divides opinion and finds fans at completely opposite poles. This then leads to the usual comments of “I wish they sounded like their old stuff” or “they are sell […]

The Story So Far – ‘The Story So Far’

The Story So Far’s début album ‘Under Soil And Dirt’ came at a time when bands such as The Wonder Years and Fireworks were shifting the focus of pop-punk away from the stereotypical three-chord sugary sweet sound and towards something more thoughtful and creative. It was a release that helped re-invigorate the scene and marked […]

Silverstein – ‘I Am Alive In Everything I Touch’

Fifteen years after their inception, Silverstein are still going strong and their latest release, ‘I Am Alive In Everything I Touch’ proves just why they’re one of the biggest names in the post-hardcore scene. Split into four ‘chapters’, this concept album is the first to be release via Rise Records, after deals with Victory and […]

Zebrahead – ‘The Early Years Revisited’

From their place on teen comedy film soundtracks to their gigs and festival appearances, Zebrahead have always been the quintessential party band, concerned with little more than getting as many people to have as much fun as possible. Their rap/rock stylings may not be the most popular genre these days, but as co-vocalist Ali notes, […]

Calls Landing – ‘Heirlooms’

Calls Landing have been tip-toeing around the suburbs of West Yorkshire for the past four years. In that time they have released 2 EP’s and 2 splits; a collection of angsty pop-punk ditties taking influence from 2010’s rebirth of American pop-punk, evoking The Wonder Years, Fireworks, Transit and Man Overboard. After a couple of line-up […]

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