Wicked Snakes – ‘Sleep Dance’

Wicked Snakes, a four-piece rock band hailing from Staffordshire, crashed onto the scene last year: the abandonment of previous projects led to this young bunch getting together to create their own slick brand of psychedelic doom rock music. And it seems to have paid off – last year, they signed to A Wolf At Your […]

Have Mercy – ‘A Place Of Our Own’

Now part of the impressive roster at Hopeless Records, ‘A Place Of Our Own’ sees Have Mercy take another step forward as they refine the sound that they impressed with on their début ‘The Earth Pushed Back’. The lyrical honesty is still at the forefront, emphasised immediately by album opener ‘To Convey’ but the instrumentation […]

Jesus Fucking Christ – Homophobia Is Like Totally Gay

Jesus Fucking Christ (Remi Semshaug Langseth) has dropped his debut release ‘Homophobia Is Like Totally Gay’, and for a one man project, it truly is something monstrous. It’s like an insane middle ground between electronic, punk and rap. There’s this cohesion of different genres that produces a monumental noise, picture a middle finger to any […]

Wank For Peace – Fail Forward

I’ll admit, ‘Fail Forward’ was mistakenly put on shuffle on its first play. That it managed to hold together as an album even with a random order of tracks shows just how easy Wank For Peace’s latest LP is to get into. After thirteen tracks, ‘Fail Forward’ doesn’t feel wearing or dull, and there’s plenty […]

The Xcerts – ‘There Is Only You’

‘There Is Only You’, the third full-length by Aberdeen via Exeter based melodic rockers The Xcerts, sees the band firmly find their feet. Although it may not be immediately evident that these feet were lost on first listens to both their ‘In The Cold Wind We Smile’ debut and 2010’s ‘Scatterbrain’, their latest effort serves […]

Xerxes – ‘Collision Blonde’

A common thing that most bands who form with the intention of creating aggressive music is to come out all guns blazing in their infancy. Everyone wants to play the loudest, the fastest, and the hardest by way of channelling their demons within. Xerxes debut album ‘Our Home Is A Deathbed’ was no exception, and […]

The Bots – ‘Pink Palms’

There’s a fair amount of buzz currently surrounding sibling duo The Bots, with a growing number of websites, magazines, and radio stations all lining up to declare them ‘the next big thing’. Their post-punk inspired take on garage rock and cross genre appeal has seen them support bands as diverse as Refused, Dropkick Murphys, Yeah […]

Mallory Knox – Asymmetry

Mallory Knox have been threatening to blow up since their inception. Since the ‘Pilot’ EP and their debut album ‘Signals’ they’ve always been a buzz band. Now comes the difficult second album and, to be honest, they’ve completely smashed it. Starting with lead single ‘Ghost In The Mirror’, the band set about bridging the debut […]

I Am Giant – ‘Science & Survival’

I Am Giant’s second album comes barging out of the starting block with the grinding riffs of ‘Echo from the Gallows’, a stellar track whose combination of spiralling, atmospheric guitar work and heavy, monstrously catchy chorus effortlessly commands attention. Vocalist Ed Martin has a powerful and distinctive voice and the juxtaposition of soaring vocal melodies and crunching, brutish […]

Hang The Bastard – Sex In The Seventh Circle

West London’s Hang The Bastard have been a band since 2007, though they’ve not been the most prolific songwriters, having only released one full length album so far in their career, they’re back with their long-awaited followup, ‘Sex In The Seventh Circle’. Having had two previous vocalists, HTB have finally settled on one, and he […]

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