The Beards – ‘The Beard Album’

‘The Beard Album’ is the fourth album from Beard-themed Australian band The Beards, whose previous albums include ‘Having A Beard Is The New Not Having A Beard’ and contains the recent lead-off single, ‘All The Bearded Ladies’. If you thought that sentence was wacky, annoying and contained far too many instances of the word ‘Beard’ […]

Radio Alcatraz – ‘It’s All Coming Up Roses’

Post-hardcore has lost its direction in recent years. With every Tom, Dick and Craig Owens vying to break down boundaries and expectations, how are you supposed to stand out? London quartet Radio Alcatraz’s hold the answer – meaningful, extraordinarily talented tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tony Hawk’s game soundtrack. The follow […]

Paramore – ‘Self-Titled (Deluxe Edition)’

Paramore dominated 2013 with the release of their highly anticipated, fourth studio album. The album gained widespread success with singles ‘Still Into You’ and ‘Ain’t It Fun’ pushing the band higher and higher up the pop charts, whilst still retaining that rock edge. The past year has seen the band take over America alongside emo […]

Trophy Eyes – ‘Mend, Move On’

It has been almost impossible to keep up with the amount of high quality releases that Hopeless Records have put out in the last year or so. Their impressive roster boasts the likes of New Found Glory, Bayside, Cruel Hand and countless others, and amongst all of the bigger names the label has been expanding […]

Major League – ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Me’

From as early as the opening notes of ‘Wallflower’ it’s clear that ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Me’, is going to sound and feel markedly different to their début album ‘Hard Feelings’. With guitarist Brian Joyce now taking care of vocal duties, there’s a more pronounced personal feel throughout the album than the band have previously […]

The Smith Street Band – Throw Me In The River

Wil Wagner’s music shares plenty of similarities with typical blog rock stalwarts like Los Campesinos!, but he’s somehow found a way to ditch the kitsch, to purge his forerunners of their gimmicks and fill the void with sweaty, grinning sincerity. Both sonically and lyrically, ‘Throw Me in the River’ feels bolder and wiser than something […]

The Lion And The Wolf – ‘Symptoms’

One of my most uncomfortable night’s sleep to date was spent on the floor of a dinghy student house in Southampton, lying on a sofa bed that had certainly seen better days. I was only there a matter of hours until my train back up to London and in that short space of time I […]

Kill It Kid – ‘You Owe Nothing’

Kill it Kid were widely tipped as a breakthrough band on their debut around five years ago. Now, on their third outing they’ve managed to shake off the old cliché of the ‘difficult second album’ but there’s still much scrutinizing and peering into the very soul of this grungy, Americana spewing British four-piece to be […]

Rancid – ‘…Honor Is All We Know’

Punk rock has been a staple of the music world for the best part of 40 years now, and it has seen a lot of changes in its time. Bands have come and gone, fashion became more important than passion, and ideals fell by the wayside in favour of fame and fortune. There is one […]

Aspiga – ‘What Happened To You?’

Many styles of music today can definitely make you feel nostalgic for a different time—maybe when you were back in high school and going to shows in church basements, or listening to a new CD in a friend’s car on a road trip. New Jersey’s Aspiga really bring the listener back to the late 90s/early […]

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