Ming City Rockers – ‘Ming City Rockers’

There are few bands that manage to channel the heyday of punk infused gutsy rock and roll quite like Ming City Rockers do on their debut full-length. Led by the likes of The Hives, or early material from The Strokes, the four-piece from Immingham – nicknamed Ming and notorious as the home of Ian Huntley […]

Hostage Calm – ‘Die On Stage’

In the past few years Run For Cover Records has gone from strength to strength by releasing solid albums time and time again, and the latest offering from Hostage Calm is no exception. The album is the follow up to 2012′s fantastic ‘Please Remain Calm’, which is a tough act to follow, so expectations for […]

Astpai – ‘Burden Calls’

‘Burden Calls’, on a first listen, reflects so many punk and pop-punk bands in its sound. At points there’s more than a whiff of Kid Dynamite, someP ropagandhi and even Less Than Jake at their most straightforward. It’s understandable that these comparisons to other bands are arbitrary and may not be flattering to some, but […]

Violet – ‘The Love / The Lust’

Trends come and go on a regular basis in the music industry, and the marriage of clean vocals with abrasive screaming is nothing new. However, whereas previously the sung parts would often be handled in an emotionally honest and not always note perfect style, there seems to be a growing desire to go for RnB/pop […]

The American Scene – ‘Haze’

As any bands lifespan grows, so does their experience in both writing and playing music, as well as their desire to stay relevant. These are natural occurrences that cannot be helped, and on their current full length ‘Haze’, The American Scene have decided it was their time to grow. The band even used a strange marketing campaign […]

Black Tongue – ‘Born Hanged / Falsifier’

A combination of their two previous EP’s, Black Tongue’s ‘Born Hanged / Falsifier’ offers up one of the heaviest releases of the year. A tangle of breakdowns, chugging guitars and pig squealing, ‘Born Hanged / Falsifier’ is an aural assault, with relentless pace and aggressive misanthropic lyrics. Impressive from the off, the album piles on […]

Anberlin – ‘Lowborn’

With a career that spans over a decade and beyond, Anberlin have managed to tour the world and have provided an impressive back catalogue of records to see them through their years as a band. Now, though its time for the final chapter in the band’s story as they deliver their final album ‘Lowborn’. Introducing […]

Gnarwolves – ‘Gnarwolves’

It may seem too early to call it, but ‘Gnarwolves’ is the front-runner for album of the year. In a year that produced new Menzingers and Against Me! albums, plus the first Lawrence Arms record in seven years, the three-piece punk band from Brighton has stolen the show with their debut album. Unless you’re completely […]

Code Orange – ‘I Am King’

When Code Orange Kids, as they were then known, released the epic ‘Love Is Love//Return To Dust’ in 2012, the world of heavy music was turned upside down. Their debut album was a complex beast that propelled them from ‘just another hardcore band’ to an entity of their own, and gained them a cult following […]

Royal Blood – ‘Royal Blood’

Unless you’ve been living under a soundproofed rock for the past year or so, you’ll have been hard pushed to avoid the bluesy, riff-riddled rock of Brighton duo Royal Blood. Debut track ‘Out Of The Black’ was a Radio 1 staple from the get-go and follow-up single ‘Little Monster’ – an album highlight – was everywhere over […]

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