Title Fight – ‘Hyperview’

Pennsylvanian four-piece Title Fight spent around twice as long working on their third studio album ‘Hyperview’ as they did on predecessor, ‘Floral Green’. It is therefore not much of a surprise that ‘Hyperview’ is a substantial jump from anything the band have released before, continuing an evolution that bore its head on older material such […]

Papa Roach – ‘F.E.A.R.’

California’s Papa Roach are almost as old as their current fanbase now. Entering their 22nd year of life as a band, they’ve set about releasing their 8th album, which in this day and age, is a feat in itself. Having been through a bit of a career renaissance following their last release ‘The Connection’, this […]

Light You Up – ‘All We’ve Ever Known’

Pop-punk is a heavily saturated genre at the best of times, but Light You Up have been working hard to make themselves heard above the masses. Not only have they shared stages with the likes of The Wonder Years, State Champs, and A Loss For Words (whose singer Matty Arsenault guests on the album) but […]

Tim Barry ‘Lost & Rootless’

The singer/songwriter thing is what a lot of members of punk bands are doing to spiral off and try something different with their work, and we’ve seen it a lot in recent years; Chuck Ragan and Dave Hause are two that spring immediately to mind. Tim Barry is from Richmond, Virginia, and as most folks […]

Enter Shikari – ‘The Mindsweep’

The fourth album from St Albans’ fearsome four-piece Enter Shikari might be their most divisive album in their 12 year lifespan. Some of the casual fans aren’t in agreement with the political stance the band put out on their songs, though this is what makes them stand out. Having always defied the genres of music […]

 Storm The Sky – ‘Permanence’

If there’s one thing that Australians do well, it’s their music scene. For years they have been churning out the best new bands this world has to offer, everyone from Tonight Alive, to I Killed The Prom Queen, Parkway Drive and some band called 5 Seconds of Summer (hey, love them or hate them, y’all […]

Atlas Losing Grip – ‘Currents’

‘Currents’ acts as a turning point for Swedish heavy metal and punk crossovers Atlas Losing Grip. It simultaneously marks the end of a significant period in the band’s history and the start of the next chapter. Recorded and mastered prior to the departure of vocalist Rodrigo Alfaro, the eventual product still sees his voice fronting each […]

Funeral For A Friend ‘Chapter And Verse’

The line “Yet I’m nothing more than a line in your book” from Funeral For A Friend’s seminal track ‘Juno’ (later re-released as ‘Juneau’) spoke to my teenage heart more than most. It was my MSN screen name, it was the line I screamed out during their live sets, and it rung out in my […]

Raised Fist – ‘From The North’

More often than not, the bands that maintain the most credibility are the ones that fly below the mainstream radar. This has always been the case for Swedish hardcore band Raised Fist, but not because they didn’t “get a break”, but because they have always chosen to eschew this world in favour of creating their […]

Turnstile – ‘Nonstop Feeling’

Hardcore is very much an all-encompassing genre with many subsections and crossovers, and there will always be debate as to what hardcore really is. Some will argue it’s a certain sound, and some will say it’s the feeling and the ethic that an individual possesses. Take for example the metallic crunch of Chicago’s Harms Way, […]

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