Jeff Rosenstock – ‘We Cool?’

Jeff Rosenstock can incorporate more musical variety into one album than some musicians can incorporate into their whole discography. The Long Islander with his heart on his sleeve never seems to let up with creativity. Since the demise of Bomb the Music Industry! he has been playing along side Mike Park in The Bruce Lee […]

Pile – ‘You’re Better Than This’

There’s been a lot of talk about Pile lately across various corners of the internet, thanks to a sound that is almost impossible to pin down to one genre. What is refreshing about their new album ‘You’re Better Than This’ is that where we live in a world of revivals and reunions, they stand out […]

Motorhead – ‘Overkill’ / ‘Bomber’ / ‘Ace Of Spades’ Reissues

Here at Punktastic, we pride ourselves on championing new music, and trying to bring our readers the most current artists first. However, we do recognise the past and that without certain bands or albums we would not be here today, and would not have such a fantastic scene to be a part of. One such […]

The Skints – ‘FM’

The Skints have always been fiercely creative, and ‘FM’ is, on the surface at least, based around a day’s airplay at a fictional radio station. After a short ‘breakfast show’ link sets up the concept, its straight into ‘This Town’, a celebration of London that doesn’t gloss over the social issues that exist there. With […]

Young Guv – ‘Ripe 4 Luv’

When some musicians come up in hardcore or punk, they usually stay there for good by moving from band to band, creating music of a similar ilk time and time again. That can’t be said for prolific Canadian musician Ben Cook, who has been a mainstay of the Toronto music scene now for nearly 20 […]

Harms Way – ‘Rust’

It would be no understatement to say that Deathwish Inc. is far and away the premier label when it comes to releasing the highest calibre of aggressive music today. Every band the label works with are trying to push the boundaries of this often restricted genre, and Chicago titans Harms Way are no exception. For […]

While She Sleeps – ‘Brainwashed’

Sheffield five-piece While She Sleeps are back with a vengeance. ‘Brainwashed’ – their second album and follow-up to 2012’s ‘This Is The Six’ – is exactly what you would expect from them, but they’ve well and truly upped their game. Opening with a classic Sleeps intro and then exploding into single ‘New World Torture’, they […]

Streetfightsilence – ‘Dream On, Dreamer’

Berkshire quartet Streetfightsilence have had some busy years, trying to make a name for themselves. They’ve embarked on numerous tours, sharing stages with some big names in the British pop-rock scene; Don Broco, Francesqa, Press to Meco, Evarose, and many more. 2012 saw them release their stunning debut album ‘Cutting Strings’, which set the foundation […]

Darwin & The Dinosaur – ‘A Thousand Ships’

We’re always wary when bands cite deliberately dissonant influences; obviously it’s impossible to be objective about your own sound but at the same time we can’t help but see it as an attempt to simultaneously demonstrate diverse musical predilection and place your band in the ‘eclectic/undefinable’ category. So when ‘A Thousand Ships’, the new album from […]

Stuck Between Stories – ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’

Think of the northern UK punk scene, and the cities of Leeds, Sheffield, and Manchester probably spring to mind. With ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’, Stuck Between Stories are likely to open some ears to what’s going on in Wigan, a town familiar to many as the birthplace of Northern Soul. ‘The Death Of Routine’, with its […]

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