Colleen Green – ‘I Want To Grow Up’

‘I Want To Grow Up’ is very much a solo release by Colleen Green, and one that keeps the LA based songwriter centre stage, but it also marks a shift in production values away from the DIY approach of earlier releases as Green is joined for the first time by a full backing band. Title […]

Fat Mike & Friends – ‘Home Street Home’ OST

What if the award-winning, hilariously lewd musical ‘Avenue Q’ had been written by NOFX? Probably not a question that’s ever been asked by anyone, but one that’s nonetheless been answered by the forthcoming production ‘Home Street Home’. The result of a collaboration between NOFX’s Fat Mike, Jeff Marx (a lyricist and composer who worked on the aforementioned […]

Torche – ‘Restarter’

Forging an original sound in this day and age is probably the toughest obstacle that musicians face. Some are quiet happy to re-hash tried and tested methods to fit in with whatever is current, where as others keep doing what they are doing instead of pushing new territory. Florida natives Torche fall into neither of […]

Oceans Ate Alaska – ‘Lost Isles’

Metalcore five-piece Oceans Ate Alaska have done incredibly well in the last few months. Late 2014 saw them sign a record deal with the prestigious Fearless Records, whilst landing tours alongside metalcore heavy weights, such as The Color Morale and The Word Alive – and they’re not quite allowed to rest on their laurels. Not […]

Big Fin – ‘Ebb & Flow’

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a rock musician in possession of a great singing voice, must be in want of an acoustic solo career. Whether it’s the toll of touring, the psychic drain of creativity-by-committee or good old fashioned ‘maturity’, the acoustic rebirth is a phenomenon which seems to have gained particular momentum over the last ten […]

Anakin – ‘Celestial Frequency Shifter’

Since forming in 2010, Anakin have always taken a wholeheartedly inventive approach to the creation of their music and ‘Celestial Frequency Shifter’ is the most fully realised example of their vision to date. It would be easy to dismiss Anakin as simply another post-rock band given their influences of The Rentals and HUM to name […]

Adventures – ‘Supersonic Home’

It would be impossible to talk about Adventures without mentioning the fact that three out of five members of the band are shared with Pittsburgh hardcore kings Code Orange. The only other similarity between the two that needs mentioning is that whatever the members of these bands put their heart and soul into they really […]

Billy Talent – ‘Hits’

You’ve got to feel for whoever at Warners was tasked with choosing a name for this, a collection of tracks from the four albums thus far produced by glossy Canadian punks Billy Talent.  ‘The Best Of Billy Talent’, for example, would have been disingenuous as that album was released in 2003 and simply titled ‘Billy Talent’. […]

36 Crazyfists – ‘Time And Trauma’

Just as some bands who find themselves grouped under the loose banner of metal focus on the theatrical side of things, there are those whose strengths lie with a more direct sound. 36 Crazyfists have always been one such band, and ‘Time And Trauma’, their first release since 2010’s ‘Collisions and Castaways’, sees them continue […]

Derek Grant – ‘Breakdown’

Derek Grant, perhaps best known as the drummer from Alkaline Trio, released his solo album ‘Breakdown’ on Red Scare Industries last month. He’s somewhat of a punk-rock legend, having previously appeared for bands such as the Gaslight Anthem, Face to Face, and the Vandals, and it’s therefore not surprising to find shades of three chord […]

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