Camera Shy – ‘Self-Titled’

When musicians have a vast musical taste and influence, it’s always great to see them expressing such things through various creative outlets. This is the case for Californian duo Camera Shy, who are certainly no strangers to wearing several hats, and spend their time in numerous other bands. Comprised of Whirr guitarist and Nothing bassist […]

Nature Channel – ‘Nature Sounds’

‘Nature Sounds’ is a dirty, fuzzy, garage-punk mess of an album, in the best way possible. Nature Channel’s debut shoves the best that Seattle and New York have to offer through a blender of Englishness that results in a delightfully sickly-sounding record. There’s a beating heart of passive-aggression inside each song that conjures up memories […]

Arthur Walwin – ‘Sleepless’

Despite having been in pop rock bands Paige and Young Classics, vocalist and all-round musician Arthur Walwin has taken a step back from that scene with his newest album, and is instead embracing the straight-up pop and electronic dance world. It’s been a work in progress; after two years, ‘Sleepless’ will finally see the world […]

Failure – ‘The Heart Is A Monster’

There are many features or reviews out there (including ones by this reviewer) that will make mention of the fact that Failure never got the break they deserved on their initial run. They will go on to say that they were under appreciated, and should really have carried the alternative rock torch into the new […]

Dear America – ‘Dear America’

The debut album from Manchester’s Dear America is a solid, if by-the-numbers, take on the slower, more anthemic, sound of punk-rock. It doesn’t have any particular twist on the genre but it’s produced well and full of worthwhile hooks. Where the band shines is in the vocal harmonies. There’s some really strong choruses that would […]

Bangers – ‘Bird’

Bangers are back. Two years after ‘Crazy Fucking Dreams’, the Cornish trio are releasing their third full length, ‘Bird’ – 10 tracks of amazing punk for anyone who has felt isolated, different or just at war with the world. Recorded in a proper studio for the first time, ‘Bird’ truly captures the energy that Bangers […]

Wilson – ‘Right To Rise’

Serial party boys Wilson are getting serious. They may live the rock n’ roll life style to the max, constantly at eleven but front man Chad Nicefield says there is more to them than boozy banter. ‘Right To Rise’ is here to free Wilson from the shackles of novelty band status, but it is still […]

Creepoid – ‘Cemetery Highrise Slum’

There must be something in the water in Pennsylvania right now, because whatever genre the musicians based there try their hand at, it is always perfectly executed. One of the names that has been steadily appearing over the last few years is Philadelphia based alternative rock band Creepoid, and after several releases for No Idea […]

Bully – ‘Feels Like’

Bully are cool as hell. They sound like how you felt when you were 14, so full of energy and attitude. I’m a sucker for anything snotty and, man, does this deliver. ‘Feels Like’ is their debut record and it absolutely justifies all the hype surrounding it. Alicia Bognanno’s voice is perfect, so snotty and […]

Man Overboard – ‘Heavy Love’

Since bursting onto the scene with ‘Real Talk’ back in 2010, Man Overboard have worked tirelessly, complimenting their full length releases with a wealth of singles, EPs and splits, and here they are just five years later, with ‘Heavy Love’, their fourth album. It’s a record that finds the band reflecting on what has been […]

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