Twothirtytwo – ‘The Hope We Had’

There’s a fine line between genres these days. The likes of The Gaslight Anthem have been instrumental in recent years in pulling what is in essence Americana into the punk-rock scene, leading to a wealth of bands channelling Bruce Springsteen’s style with a concoction of outside influences. On first listen, ‘The Hope We Had’ shares […]

Atlas / In Arms – Split EP

Leeds hardcore outfit Atlas have recently teamed up with Sheffield lot In Arms for a 4 track split. The result? More melodic hardcore than you could wish for in one EP. Both bands bring their own unique style to the table in a record that’s completely filled to the brim with the emotion and atmospheric […]

Still Bust – ’77 For You (57 For Me)’

Still Bust may not have built up the largest of back catalogues during their career but ’77 For You (57 For Me)’ immediately makes a very persuasive argument for the benefit of quality over quantity as ‘It’s Your Fault (And You’re Stupid Kind Regards Barbaros Icoglu)’ gleefully throws itself from your speakers in a riot […]

Darko – ‘Sea Of Trees’

Bands that sit at the more technical end of the punk scale often seem to go under the radar of many, receiving just a fraction of the attention and praise lavished upon those who ply their trade in poppier, more accessible sub-genres. However, with the accomplished and original ‘Sea Of Trees’, Darko emphatically readdress that […]

The One Hundred – Subculture EP

Next week sees the release of The One Hundred’s new EP ‘Subculture’, and there’s no doubt they’re going to make waves with it. But first, a bit of background: if you’ve never heard of The One Hundred before, they’re a four-piece from London who mishmash several genres – including rock, hip hop and electronica – […]

Lock & Key – ‘The Divide’

Records come about as the result of all manner of situations, but ‘The Divide’ is born from circumstances more challenging than most, resulting from front man Rich Lardner enduring and recovering from a life threatening illness. Because of this it is understandably an intensely personal record, but one that engages the listener immediately and continues […]

Dead Bars – ‘Dead Bars’

With Fest in Gainesville less than 100 days away now, it’s time to get more and more stoked for not just your favorite bands that you’ve seen time and time again, but newer, smaller bands that you may not have had the opportunity to check out before. Dead Bars, from Seattle, are one of these […]

Creeper – ‘Creeper’

Holy crap, this is great. Like some kind of three-chord dairy, the UK is churning out quality punk rock at the moment and the latest vat of melodic butter to roll off the production line comes courtesy of Southampton’s Creeper. The band themselves make a fair deal of their pedigree, being formed as they are […]

Basement – ‘Further Sky’

Basement have never been a band to do things by halves. From announcing a hiatus at almost exactly the same time as sophomore album ‘Colourmeinkindness’ was released, to returning earlier this year with nothing but a simple “Hi” on Twitter, it’s easier to always expect the unexpected. This was much the case again when out […]

Four Year Strong – ‘Go Down in History’ EP

After a harsh and wholly unnecessary backlash from some fans on Four Year Strong’s last major release ‘In Some Way, Shape or Form’, the pop-punk/hardcore maestros rightly decided to reassess their own music, stance, situation and plans. At the time such animosity was unexpected from such a slight change in style from the album; it […]

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