Have Mercy / Somos – ‘Split’

Back in July 2014, when reviewing the Annabel and Dowsing split, we questioned whether we’d hit a tipping point with the so-called ‘emo revival’. It felt as if bands and labels were rushing to put out another vinyl regardless of the content or the strength of the music. With this in mind, and for the […]

Lay It On The Line – ‘A Prelude To The Process’ EP

Its been a tough a couple of years for London hardcore band Lay It On The Line, with the band essentially splitting into two as they were readying a full length record. However vocalist Mike and drummer Mark carried on regardless, and along with having a new line up, the band has a new lease […]

Like Pacific – ‘Like Pacific’

Like Pacific make an energetic start to their self-titled EP, but given its sub one minute and a half length, opening track ‘Sigh Of Relief’ does little more than offer glimpses of what might be to come from the Canadian pop-punks. It seems like overly familiar riffs, albeit ones accompanied by solid vocals, will be […]

King Woman – ‘Doubt’ EP

One of the most beautiful things about music is that it can capture the feeling of many things, and when you hear a certain sound it can spark images in your mind. Music can feel the same as a season, can sound like a colour, and can even bring forth almost any emotion. If ‘Doubt’ […]

I, The Lion – ‘Run’

Creating a genuinely memorable EP can be a tough job. Often used as a way of gaining attention during a band’s early days or as a stopgap between full length releases for more established acts, it’s a format that can be easy for fans to dismiss. Thankfully I, The Lion’s second EP ‘Run’ is more […]

Fort Hope – ‘Fort Hope’

After the success of their debut Courage (released in early 2014), Fort Hope have returned with its follow-up. A self-titled record that is going to turn heads, batter eardrums and cause an absolute storm live. ‘Crosses (and so we dig)’ delicately begins this EP; a tranquil piano melody is joined by Jon Gaskins soft voice […]

Drug Church – ‘Swell’ EP

With the 90’s revival of alternative-rock in full swing and showing no sign of slowing down any time soon, you would be forgiven if you roll your eyes when another release comes up that is billed as such. Its easy to jump to conclusions and think that its just going to be another band wearing […]

North Seasons – ‘Eyes For the Blind’

Newcastle mob North Seasons have taken it upon themselves to make people fall in love with the hardcore scene all over again. And, to be honest, they must be doing something right; their brand of melodic hardcore has received airplay on Scuzz TV and Kerrang! radio, before Los Angeles based label Kill/Hurt Recordings signed them. […]

Secret Lives – ‘Fortune Tellers’

Strap yourself in tight to your bucket seat in your goddamn Dodge Challenger or whatever the fuck you’re driving, because you’re going to riff city. A wiser man than myself once coined the term “a kick of rock ‘n’ roll to the nuts,” and this album appears to be just that. If this is indeed […]

Elder Brother – ‘Wish You Were Here’ EP

It seems like just yesterday that Elder Brother released their excellent debut album ‘Heavy Head’, and now, less than a year later Kevin Geyer and Dan Rose have surprised everyone with a new concept EP of sorts. Concept records often range from simple love stories (Dashboard Confessional) to time travel during Tzarist Russia (Mastodon) and […]

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