Youth Man – ‘Hill of Knives’

Birmingham trio Youth Man truly embody what it is to be a punk band through their raw, thrashy music and their Riot Grrrl attitude. The band have gained notoriety from their frenzied live performances, which is extremely understandable after listening to their music, and ‘Hill Of Knives’ can only add to this, whilst setting them […]

Spoilers – ‘Stay Afloat’

It’s clear that Spoilers have paid their dues. With the majority of the Kent based four-piece having spent considerable years in other alternative outfits, not least Southport, 7 Day Conspiracy and More Than Normal, ‘Stay Afloat’ carries some serious weight behind it. Far from inexperienced, the six short, sharp tracks bring with them a host […]

Trash Boat – ‘Brainwork’

It’s a tried and tested formula: fast songs, raw vocals and straightforward chords. Pop-punk is alive and well in the UK, and Trash Boat are testament to this. The band’s second EP ‘Brainwork’ takes the band on a natural progression. The sound remains similar to previous releases but the songs each are a lot more […]

Of Allies – ‘Fragments’

When, as a band, you get over that initial, giddy rush of releasing your first EP and receiving some great feedback, it can be easy to forget that you’re going to have to replicate that achievement again – and pretty damn soon too, if you want to keep people interested. But Yorkshire rockers Of Allies […]

Holy Pinto – ‘Stenography’

Indie punks from Canterbury, Holy Pinto are about to make their mark on the scene with the release of their catchy, innocent 3-track EP, ‘Stenography’. Working with Vince Ratti (Wonder Years/Tigers Jaw) worked well for the duo as they mixed up their pop/indie/punk influences to produce a record that could work in a multitude of […]

Layby – ‘Life’s Great Illusions’

Nottingham Pop-Punkers Layby have sailed a stormy sea over the last year. They parted ways with vocalist Aaron Bowes and Miles Kent stepped in to take on vocal duties. ‘Life’s Great Illusions’ was recorded while Bowes was still in the band, but as any smalltime DIY band will attest it is not cheap to rework […]

Spineless Yes Men – ‘The Death Of Denmark’

UK pop-punk is in a very good state at the moment, and Spineless Yes Men stake their claim as another fine addition to the genre with ‘The Death Of Denmark’. An EP is always a good way to test the waters, and ‘The Death Of Denmark’ is sure to keep existing fans happy by giving […]

Mates of State – ‘Greats’

There aren’t many bands that tip past the 5 year mark in their career these days, but Mates of State are in it for the long haul, currently celebrating their seventeenth year as a band. So what better way to celebrate then to put out a greatest hits compilation? ‘Greats’ highlights the band at their […]

Into Another – ‘Omens’

When some bands reunite after an extended period of hiatus, it is often driven by several factors. Sometimes it is pure nostalgia and a chance to revisit their old material, and unfortunately sometimes it is purely for monetary gain. However neither of those elements apply to legendary post-hardcore band Into Another, who after nearly 20 […]

Grayscale – ‘Change’

Philadelphia pop-punkers Grayscale, who recently signed to LA label Anchor Eighty Four, recently released their latest EP, ‘Change,’ as a taster towards what’s to come from their debut full-length ‘What We’re Missing’ due to be released this summer. ‘Change’ is an outstanding, emotional and raw EP showcasing the pure talent of all 5 members of […]

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