Track and Field – ‘You Are My Home’

When looking at the line-up of Track and Field, with members coming from bands that include grindcore outfit The Afternoon Gentlemen and punk rockers The Plight, you’d be forgiven for assuming that immediate comparisons wouldn’t point in the direction of the likes Brand New, and the newer, but ever brilliant, Moose Blood. However, this Leeds […]

Rotting Out – ‘Reckoning’ EP

There are sometimes trends or waves that inevitably come and go within the hardcore scene. Some bands add new elements to their sound, while others pay homage to the golden era of hardcore and draw influence from bands such as Black Flag, and Suicidal Tendencies to name but a few. One of the bands that […]

Trials Of Early Man – ‘Life Goals’

Trials Of Early Man may be a band in its infancy, having only played their first gig together at the end of 2014, but they have a wealth of experience to draw their inspiration from. Half-jokingly describing themselves as ‘Four old guys who used to make music in old bands in the old days’, their […]

Sabertooth Zombie – ‘Human Performance IV’

The chances are that you will have read about Sabertooth Zombie in various interviews or features across the Internet, but you may not know much about them. They have been traversing the underground scene for sometime now, and have garnered an almost mythical status within punk rock, yet they have still managed to put out […]

Oh Captive – ‘Two Mirrors’

It’s always a shame when a young band calls it a day when they’re only a couple of years into their career. Due to financial issues and time commitment, Oh Captive is one of the latest bands to unfortunately break up. But, whilst their career has been rather short lived, the alt-rockers, hailing from the […]

High Rise – ‘Tides Will Take You’

After going on indefinite hiatus in 2012 Londoners High Rise are back, and ‘Tides Will Take You’ gets off to an explosive start as the charging guitars and raw vocals of ‘Burdens’ come crashing forward. You can almost feel the weight behind the riffs, and it makes for an emphatic opening statement, leaving the listener […]

Maths – ‘The Fires Courting The Sea’

Screamo trio Maths have always followed the “blink and you’ll miss it” mantra. On their new ‘The Fires Courting The Sea’ EP – their first release proper since 2009’s ‘Descent’ – Maths cram more brilliance into these fleeting moments than ever before. Coming in at around the ten minute mark, the six tracks on offer […]

DIVIDES – ‘Anywhere & Nowhere’

The minute some reviewers see that a band has a female vocalist, they’re falling over themselves to clamour, “Paramore, Paramore, PARAMORE!” But while Paramore are indeed an excellent act, it’s disheartening to see bands pigeonholed so quickly. In step DIVIDES, a gritty rock quintet from Glasgow. Just a year and half old, and led by vocalist Tasha Cowie, these guys have […]

Touche Amore / Self Defense Family – ‘Self Love’ EP

Fifteen musicians coming together in one room can either end up being a self-indulgent mess of people struggling to be heard, or it can give way to a swell of creativity with mesmerising results. In the case of this collaborative effort by Touché Amore and Self Defense Family, it has thankfully ended up being the latter, and […]

Kind Of Like Spitting / Warren Franklin And The Founding Fathers – Split

Split releases are usually reserved for maybe four tracks, often to showcase a couple of bands and to leave you wanting more. On this record, however, we are treated to a total of thirteen tracks across two bands, and ‘It’s Always Nice To See You’ gives you a proper chance to digest both Kind Of Like […]

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