Milk Teeth – ‘Sad Sack’

If you are already familiar with Milk Teeth, then you will know exactly what the band are about and the aesthetic of these young UK punks. Their sound draws heavily on influence from 90’s grunge and alt-rock, with a strong punk sensibility about it, and over the course of the last two years their profile […]

Meat Wave – ‘Brother’

The name of this band might make you cringe, but Chicago’s Meat Wave plays a kind of music that’s gross in a different way. It’s rough lo-fi punk, almost edging into that raw garage territory, that’s frantic and fun and a sound perfect for Chicago. Though Meat Wave’s new EP, ‘Brother’ is only seven songs […]

Coldbones – ‘Distance’

Kent/Brighton trio Coldbones’ debut release ‘Distance’ brings about a pleasant assembly of post rock, released by the aptly titled Dream Atlantic Records. ‘The Hand Between Us’ starts off the EP with a dreamy riff, rapidly accompanied by an echo of drums that weave quickly between the other cluster of sounds. The steady tempo and metronome […]

Days Like Today – ‘We’re Only Human’

Toronto’s Days Like Today produced one of the best unsigned releases of 2013 in our opinion. Their ‘Vacate’ debut EP was five tracks of hard hitting alt-rock with some huge guitar riffs and even bigger vocal melodies. That release, and the band themselves, should have got far more attention and this follow up EP could […]

Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold – ‘Play Pretend’

‘Play Pretend’ is the new EP from Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold and it’s hugely enjoyable. This is four tracks of inventive emo-rock with shades of indie-pop and math-rock thrown in for good measure. The New Hampshire based quartet will be unknown to many but have, frustratingly a few days short of submitting lists, […]

Devil Sold His Soul – ‘Belong ╪ Betray’

Upon the departure of Ed Gibbs and the ushering in of new frontman Paul Green, many mused how he would fill Gibbs’ shoes – they were, after all, pretty big. For Devil Sold His Soul, founded in 2004, have become a household name in the UK. Tours with bands such as Architects and slots at […]

Bad Sign – ‘Destroy’

Having two releases within a year of each other can be a difficult achievement. Having two good releases within a year of each other is almost unheard of sometimes. However, Croydon trio Bad Sign have managed the latter with finesse. Headline tours and support slots with acts such as Devil Sold His Soul and Arcane […]

Front Porch Step – ‘Whole Again’

Jake McElfresh – Front Porch Step to you and I has been riding the crest of a wave since his debut record ‘Aware’ dropped late last year. It was a record that was so packed with emotion, it came to no surprise that his music absolutely exploded, resonating on some of the most personal of […]

Glamour Of The Kill: After Hours EP – Review

Throughout this 5 song EP, Yorkshire’s Glamour of the Kill really show some balls. There’s fantastic choruses, glorious riffs and fantastic songwriting coursing embedded in here. Just shy of fifteen minutes long, they set their stall out and boy are they ambitious. The opening riff of ‘Lights Down’ sets the table for a cocktail of […]

Bad Ideas – ‘The Better Parts Of You’ EP

It’s almost hard to keep up with the amount of solid music that the UK is producing lately, and the high quality new releases keep coming thick and fast. The latest to join that current list is Leeds based band Bad Ideas, who have been steadily making a name for themselves over the last few […]

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