Dikembe – ‘Ledge’

Dikembe are so good, but you know that already. The indie-rock/emo/grunge/whatever 4-piece hailing from the birthplace of Fest, exploded into everyone’s ears with ‘Chicago Bowls’ all the way back in 2011 and since then they’ve released two incredible records as well as a number of stellar splits with bands like Pet Symmetry,  The Jazz June, […]

The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Death to the New Years

If the Death to New Years EP is any indication of what we can expect from The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die’s upcoming Epitaph records debut, said LP is going to find its way onto a metric asston of year end lists. TWIABP has turned a lot […]

Eva Plays Dead – ‘Sounds Of the Written Word’

Eva Plays Dead may be considered an antidote that is needed within this over-saturated industry, full of bands that don’t do much to really stick out. But this Midlands-based quartet are more than proud to stand apart from their counterparts, boasting a medley of punk-tinged rock music, complete with powerful riffs and mighty vocals. Having […]

Dreamcatcher – ‘Future Paradise’

Swindon based emo-rockers Dreamcatcher have released a 3-track EP titled ‘Future Paradise’. Not to be confused with the melodic metal band from Leeds, or the atmospheric alt pop quartet form Maryland; the 5 guys create a strung out moody mix of emo indie rock. The title track eases into the EP with a smooth instrumental. With […]

Maff- ‘Maff’

Chile may not be a country particularly well known for exporting its musical talent around the world, but the début EP from Maff certainly suggests that there is a creatively rich, if relatively unknown music scene worth exploring. Taking their influences from a wide range of bands and refusing to limit themselves to just one […]

Set It Off – ‘ Duality: Stories Unplugged’

Set It Off are one of the rising stars of pop-punk, and ‘Duality: Stories Unplugged’ is only likely to further enhance their growing reputation. A re-imagining of five songs from 2014’s ‘Duality’, ‘Stories Unplugged’ is sure to be devoured by their loyal fans. Referring to the songs as stories is all part of Set It […]

F.O.E.S – Antecedence

EP’s are looking increasingly likely to be the future of musical releases due to the modernisation of how listeners choose to access music. The sheer eclectic range and the way people purchase music, often track by track has altered the consumer market and the demand for music in a drastic way. Say goodbye to longer […]

The Gospel Youth – ‘Empires’

The hype that seems to be building behind The Gospel Youth ever since they announced the fact they were even a band has shown no signs of slowing down recently. The Brighton based pop rock quartet have bagged their highest profile gig to date supporting Deaf Havana in Oxford and now they’re gearing up for the […]

We Are The Union – ‘Keep It Down’

After returning from a short hiatus inspired by singer Reed Wolcott’s move to California, We Are The Union are back with their six-track EP called ‘Keep It Down’. With this offering the band has carried on down the path they were on, creating catchy pop-punk songs to be enjoyed by groups of friends at summer […]

Storyteller – ‘A Place By Your Hopes’

You guys, The Story So Far are really, really popular. We can gauge this not just by looking at album sales figures or the increasing size of the venues at which they’re appearing on tour, but by the sheer number of carbon copy acts springing up in their considerable wake. If Neck Deep wear the […]

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