We Are The Union – ‘Keep It Down’

After returning from a short hiatus inspired by singer Reed Wolcott’s move to California, We Are The Union are back with their six-track EP called ‘Keep It Down’. With this offering the band has carried on down the path they were on, creating catchy pop-punk songs to be enjoyed by groups of friends at summer […]

Storyteller – ‘A Place By Your Hopes’

You guys, The Story So Far are really, really popular. We can gauge this not just by looking at album sales figures or the increasing size of the venues at which they’re appearing on tour, but by the sheer number of carbon copy acts springing up in their considerable wake. If Neck Deep wear the […]

AvaGrace – ‘Earth, Wind and Liars’

AvaGrace have been knocking about for a few years now, and have gained quite a bit of experience since their inception in 2011. This Kent quintet have shown off their talent in the form of their debut release ‘Letters to Home’, as well as sharing stages alongside Lower Than Atlantis, Mallory Knox, Dance Gavin Dance, […]

Breaking Tradition – ‘Vanity’

‘Vanity’ is the first proper release for Breaking Tradition, following on from the acoustic ‘Red Bank’ single in 2013, and it serves as the perfect introduction to them and their brand of heartfelt alternative rock. ‘Singing Arc’ is a suitably emotive introduction as it builds from a quiet and unassuming intro to a crescendo of […]

Demon Smiles – ‘AMPED’

If you’ve not seen Demon Smiles play at some point in the last year or so you’ve probably been living under a rock. The band have a brutal touring schedule and have played alongside most of the rest of the UK punk community at some point, as well as branching out into European festivals. If […]

Sheep Among Wolves – ‘Mixed Nuts’

Sheep Among Wolves have gone through a number of different line-up and sound changes since their beginnings as an acoustic poetry project in 2010. With their new EP ‘Mixed Nuts’, the band have created a punk, rock, indie infused record and they are keen to point out on their Facebook that they are ‘not a […]

Koji – ‘Fury’

The last 5 years have seen 2 Koji full-lengths, 2 EP’s and 2 splits. The Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter and activist has traveled the world playing with bands and acoustic artists. Koji has never been phased by playing bigger stages with heavier bands. He has captivated audiences with his heartfelt delivery of unique acoustic music, with a […]

We Left Them For Dead – ‘We Left Them For Dead’

Every so often a band emerges with a release that’s a real eye and ear opener. We Left Them For Dead’s debut self-titled EP is nothing short of a no holds barred, explosion of sound bursting into life with aggression and jaw dropping technical ability. Encompassing a mixture of styles, this release has got all […]

4th N Goal – ‘Turn on the Light’

What’s more pop-punk than a band from the birthplace of pizza? 4th ’N Goal are the six piece easy core pop-punk band from Italy that are ready to place their feet firmly in the sand and stand their ground against the hoards of bands doing the same and prove their worth with their new EP […]

Pulo Reve – ‘The ép’

Trying to be a breath of fresh air in an already well established music scene can be one of the most challenging tasks for a musician but Pulo Reve appear to have done it with both ease and style. Bringing together an interesting mix of quick-fire poetry, very much in the spoken word stylings we’d […]

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