POHL II, is, as the name suggests, the second release from Bristol based POHL, and follows on from 2012’s ‘POHLSMOKER’. It is their first EP since they expanded to a trio towards the end of last year. It kicks off with ‘Cute Guy Alert’ which is the shortest and most straightforward song here. This song […]

Nai Harvest – ‘Hold Open My Head’

Nai Harvest have been streaming half of their forthcoming ‘Hold Open My Head’ EP for the last couple of weeks via BandCamp. Those who have had a chance to listen to the first two tracks have most likely been enjoying the head-start in wrapping their musical minds around the multitude of influences that have informed […]

Lights Over Bridgeport – ‘Prayers & Eulogies’

We’ve all seen bands who put out great releases but don’t get the attention they deserve and, with an excellent debut album and two solid EPs behind them, Chicago’s Lights Over Bridgeport certainly fit into that category. However their latest EP, ‘Prayers & Eulogies’, could well be their turning point. This is four tracks of […]

Bruce Lee Band – ‘Community Support Group’

Say what you like about ska punk, but there’s no arguing that it’s been going through a mini revival in the last 18 months or so. Most people you ask will associate the genre with your Less Than Jakes, Goldfingers and Reel Big Fishes, but Mike Park has been a bit of a hero of […]

GreaterGhost – ‘Polarity’

Coming in at over twenty-four minutes despite its relatively minimal four track total, post-hardcore quartet GreaterGhost have continued where their debut EP left off on ‘Polarity’. Steadily wavering between understated melodies and powerful explosions of sound, the band’s second release ramps the epic nature of their compositions up a notch. ‘Polarity’ is loaded with soft, […]

Hill Valley High – ‘Hill Valley High’

That Hill Valley High’s moniker harks back to hormone laden school days is of little surprise when considering the predominantly upbeat sugary pop-punk on offer. Released earlier in the year, the mini-album is as close to bubble-gum pop as the alternative scene allows. It’s a style that will endear itself to a wealth of equally […]

Canterbury – ‘Satellite’

After releasing one of the most underrated full-lengths of 2012, British melodic rock quartet Canterbury have returned with a short four track EP to precede their forthcoming third album. Taking donations for the completion of this album, ‘Satellite’ is both a reward for those pledging and a means to keep appetites whet prior to the […]

Big Dreams – ‘Look Alive!’

Punk enthusiasts will be pleased to hear about Bristol’s newest D.I.Y group, Big Dreams, who are independently releasing their promising new EP ‘Look Alive!’ by way of a free online download. Recorded by their guitarist Nick in his spare bedroom, there is an air of the old Leatherface records – the sandpaper vocals reminiscent of […]

Make Out Kids – ‘Idiots’

Acoustic songwriting duo Make Out Kids, made up of Alan Jaggs and Paul Knewman, were recently part of Punktastic’s monthly compilation with their track, ‘Expecting The Rain’. They’ve now returned with a brand new six track EP bravely titled ‘Idiots’. It’s a record which maintains a lo-fi approach, keeping their folky pop-punk songs stripped down […]

Teen heart-throb Danny Meeks – ‘The Dopest Thing In The History of Freshness’

This week saw the debut release from Teen Heart Throb Danny Meeks, an EP brimming with confidence, which is all the more impressive when you consider that that band only formed and played their first gig in 2013. Opening up with ‘If Humanity Was A Horse It Would Be Taken Around The Back of the […]

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