Patent Pending – ‘Armageddon’

Having recently signed to Rude Records, ‘Armageddon’ is Patent Pending’s first release for the label and another step forward in their career. First of all however, a few words of warning; exactly how much you will enjoy ‘Armageddon’ hinges on your taste for songs so sugary sweet you’ll end up with a mouth full of […]

With Ghosts – ‘Endings’

With Ghosts take a very English approach to the American-fuelled Pop-Punk genre. The band hails from Swindon and have just released their debut EP ‘Endings’. The production on the record, by Lee Batiuk, who most notably produced Deaf Havana’s latest record, is second-to-none and displays every aspect of the band perfectly. Before even finding out […]

Safe Side – ‘Everything You Never Wanted’

‘Everything You Never Wanted’ is the début EP from Essex-based Safe Side and it’s a promising if somewhat unpolished release. Entirely self-produced, it does a great job of helping the band carve out an identity of their own in a tightly packed scene. ‘Castlemaine’ kicks things off, and it’s a sixty-four second burst of high […]

Red House Glory – ‘Heart Of Gold’

Red House Glory are a riveting London-based group, and have been knocking about for four years now. And within those four years, they’ve been able to gather everything that’s learned and experienced to create bittersweet, and explosive releases. Their latest creation, ‘Heart Of Gold’ is no exception. Punchy and raucous is what comes to mind […]

Muskets – ‘Spin’

Muskets have built a name for themselves in the UK emo and grunge scene through playing shows and their first release, ‘Pollyseed’. ‘Spin’ is a great follow up to ‘Pollyseed’ for fans both old and new, as it shows their progression without drastically changing their sound. Opener ‘Tate Modern’, doesn’t hold back in showing who […]

Coast to Coast – ‘Lessons Learned’

When you think about exporters of pop-punk, Japan is probably not very high on your list. Nagoya-based Coast to Coast are trying to change that perception with their debut EP ‘Lessons Learned’. As newcomers to the scene, the band have tried to differentiate by mixing post-hardcore elements into their pop-punk foundations. Catchy choruses over bouncy […]

Bellevue Days – ‘The Sun Came Up When We Were Young’

Bellevue Days, hailing from Croydon, usually seen as a grim part of London, have been knocking about for a couple of years now, but it’s only this year that they recorded and released their debut EP, ‘The Sun Came Up When We Were Young’. However, this delay in releasing material has worked to their advantage […]

Homebound – ‘Permanence’

We’ve all dreamed about travelling back in time. Whether a Biff Tannen-esque voyage into the past to amend one’s own financial destiny or the age-old fantasy of imparting the wisdom of adulthood to our younger selves, “What would you do if you could change history?” is a question that doesn’t generally require too much time […]

Worthy Victims – ‘A Bitter Future’

Worthy Victims’ sophomore effort packs a decent punch and harkens back to the early, raw sound of hardcore. It’s fast-paced guitar, bass, drums and shouting not unlike the sweaty venues of the 80s, but there’s a sense this a live band whose energy isn’t quite captured on record. The six songs contained on the EP […]

Downers – ‘Noose’

‘Noose’ is Downers’ highly anticipated second release of the year, and their time together as a band. The band formed in only early 2015 and consist of former members of Me Vs Hero, MOU and Six Ten Repeater who together ooze a DIY punk attitude and a love for shoe gaze and grunge. Downers first […]

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