The One Hundred – Subculture EP

Next week sees the release of The One Hundred’s new EP ‘Subculture’, and there’s no doubt they’re going to make waves with it. But first, a bit of background: if you’ve never heard of The One Hundred before, they’re a four-piece from London who mishmash several genres – including rock, hip hop and electronica – […]

Lock & Key – ‘The Divide’

Records come about as the result of all manner of situations, but ‘The Divide’ is born from circumstances more challenging than most, resulting from front man Rich Lardner enduring and recovering from a life threatening illness. Because of this it is understandably an intensely personal record, but one that engages the listener immediately and continues […]

Dead Bars – ‘Dead Bars’

With Fest in Gainesville less than 100 days away now, it’s time to get more and more stoked for not just your favorite bands that you’ve seen time and time again, but newer, smaller bands that you may not have had the opportunity to check out before. Dead Bars, from Seattle, are one of these […]

Creeper – ‘Creeper’

Holy crap, this is great. Like some kind of three-chord dairy, the UK is churning out quality punk rock at the moment and the latest vat of melodic butter to roll off the production line comes courtesy of Southampton’s Creeper. The band themselves make a fair deal of their pedigree, being formed as they are […]

Basement – ‘Further Sky’

Basement have never been a band to do things by halves. From announcing a hiatus at almost exactly the same time as sophomore album ‘Colourmeinkindness’ was released, to returning earlier this year with nothing but a simple “Hi” on Twitter, it’s easier to always expect the unexpected. This was much the case again when out […]

Four Year Strong – ‘Go Down in History’ EP

After a harsh and wholly unnecessary backlash from some fans on Four Year Strong’s last major release ‘In Some Way, Shape or Form’, the pop-punk/hardcore maestros rightly decided to reassess their own music, stance, situation and plans. At the time such animosity was unexpected from such a slight change in style from the album; it […]

Sirens – ‘Resistant To Change | Destined To Fail’

With typical metalcore firmly at its heart, ‘Resistant To Change | Destined To Fail’ – the new record by Birmingham based Sirens – injects heaps of originality through its reluctance to settle on a single style. Although the striking drum patterns and brutal riffs dominate throughout, the thirty minute EP/mini-album retains a celestial melodic atmosphere […]

New Town Kings – ‘Pull Up & Rewind’

With this boiling summer that the UK’s been having so far, there’s absolutely nothing better than chilling in a field at a music festival with an ice-cold cider / beer / some form of alcoholic beverage. And with that, you’ll always need some decent music to really get into the summer vibe. This is where […]

Little Big League / Ovlov – ‘Split’

Little Big League and Ovlov find themselves in good company as label buddies that have a similar sound, and that helps make this split a delightful listen. The two songs Little Big League bring out are bright with fantastic guitar riffs paired with the singer’s combined feminine and aggressive vocal approach. Michelle Zauner sings every […]

O Captain – ‘Ghetto Hikes’

Every now and again, an EP bursts fully-formed from your speakers and grabs your attention without hesitation or delay. There’s plenty of room in this world for ‘growers’ or works which you ‘need to live with for a bit’, and it’s this variety which prevents the world from stagnating into a congealed lake of aural […]

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