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Drummer needed LIVERPOOL area

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Drummer needed LIVERPOOL area

Postby Pau1 » Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:17 pm


I'm the bassist of an up and coming pop-punk band from Liverpool called drop the girl.
we've recently had a big of a member shift around, with uni starting - and basically we're missing our drummer.

We've luckily got temporary cover until mid october, however after that, we're desperate.
We've only been playing as a band for about 8 months, but we've had some great gigs, and some great reviews.
We've supported the blackout, not advised, and elliot minor, and we've packed a massive crowd to each gig.

We've got a headline show on the 7th october for the launch of our single, and according to the venue, its looking like it's going to sell out.
A week today, we'll be in Wisbech, Norfolk at Regal House Studios for four days with Tom Ogden, drummer of deaf havana, as he's producing our EP.

We've got DEMOS up on the myspace @ myspace.com/dropthegirlofficial.

The rest of this year we've got some great plans, and into early next year, we plan to tour, something our manager is in the process of sorting out.
We've recently sourced two endorsements in Ashdown Bass Amplification and ENGL amplification, with a few more on their way.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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