We’re back with the playlists (finally!), and we’ve got a snappy tounge in cheek one from Hostage Calm today.

Get involved with ‘What I Listened To While Posting On The Bridge 9 Board in 2005 Playlist by Tom Chiari from Hostage Calm’ and enjoy!

The First Step – Something Inside
– If you’re not stagediving during the intro to this song, you’re doing it wrong
Go It Alone – Picking Up The Pieces
– One of the best and tightest bands to come out of this era of hardcore and this song is a real gem.  I love everything in their entire catalog
Cold World – Cold World
– Drugs, Money, Power, Sex
Fired Up – A New Start
– The best band from Connecticut ever.  The demo is flawless.
Verse – Rebuild
– Sean Murphy’s voice is a perfect hardcore voice
Have Heart – Get The Knife
– The out-of-time hi-hat count off in the break is amazing
American Nightmare – There’s A Black Hole In The Shadow of The Pru
– Dreams are trash on the side of the road
With Honor – More Than Heroes
– The band that got me into hardcore.  John is now our drummer.  Wild shit
Guns Up! – No Shelter
– I moshed
Iron Age – Evil Ways
– Incredibly tight band, the drummer hits harder than most I’ve seen
Shipwreck – Footsteps
– I would guess that nearly 100,000 people have moshed during the intro to this song
Stay Gold – City Limits
– The best California hardcore band from this era
Palehorse – Witch Hunt
– Drum beat at the beginning is unstoppable.  The end of the song is so brutal
Carry On – Rethinking
– Best hardcore album closer.