Punktastic was formed in 2000, and though the staff has changed, the mission hasn’t. We’re a committed and dedicated group of passionate music fans that enjoy talking about punk, rock, metal, and hardcore. Punktastic is our labour of love.

Paul Savage founded the site back in 2000, leaving in 2010. New owner/publisher James Brown and editor Tom Aylott (plus all our other amazing editors, writers and contributors) now run the site.

Many people make Punktastic possible. Please contact the right one if you want to get content up on the site.

James Brown - MD and Publisher
He runs the business, site development and advertising, and keeps the wheels from falling off.

Tom Aylott – Editor
If you can read it, look at it or watch it, Tom’s probably commissioned it. If someone’s moaned about it, that means it’s his fault.

Lais MW – Deputy Editor
Lais helps out with the day to day running of the site, sending out PT DJs when required and also our interviews…

Chris Marshman - Album/EP Reviews & UK Live Reviews
Chris is your man if you want us to cover a gig in the UK or get your band’s Album & EP reviewed. If you want to write for Punktastic, contact Chris.

Ben Tipple - Radar / Features
Ben is in charge of our Radar section, home to streams, features, videos and our exclusives.

Maryam Hassan - Visual Media
Maryam handles the production of many of the things that you can see on the site, and commissions our photographers + videographers.

Mark Gadong – Video
Mark is in charge of our video content. For 2014, we’ve revamped all of our sessions, interviews and documentaries. If you want something filmed, Mark is your man.

Not forgetting -
Samarth Kanal, Tom Beck, James Fox, David Burd, Mike Scott and our lovely set of reviewers.