Everything on - The Apostates

PUNCH DRUNK PUNK ROCK from the decaying streets of Harrow, North London. The Apostates sound lies somewhere between the raw punk energy of Rancid and the dirty ska melodies of Choking Victim, while intently giving the A-OK to let their London born tongues shout loud and proud instead of adopting counterfeit accents and conforming to the Americanised punk rock aesthetic of today.

Upbeat sing-a-long songs about partying, drinking mass amounts of alcohol and being pissed off at the dead end town that we shudder to call “home”, lay the blueprint for The Apostates first EP; “Junkyard Dogs & Alley Cats”. A self recorded four song demo that the band gave birth to in August 2006, Just 3 months after they joined forces to create a rock n roll machine!

Now armed with a plethora of booze soaked songs and an ever growing fan base, The Apostates are ready for whatever the world throws at them, Including lots and lots of money, free booze, free drugs, pretty much free anything and lots and lots of hookers.

So ladies and gentlemen raise your glasses to The Apostates because…

“We’re the junkyard dogs and the alley cats, so lets drink into the night.”