FIDLAR – ‘Too’

FIDLAR are growing up, and aren’t sure what to do about it. Perhaps slightly presumptuous, yet evidence for this is dotted all over their sophomore album ‘Too’. The carefree frivolity that characterised their self-titled debut has been watered down by adult anxieties. The drug ode opener and lead single ‘40oz. On Repeat’ – a slower […]

Radkey – ‘Dark Black Makeup’

‘Kids these days’ sings Dee Radke in opening track ‘Dark Black Makeup’ as he scathes at young people wasting their potential but through the lens of a cosmic being who decides to destroy the world. This is certainly something that cannot tar the Radkey brush. These young boys are taking the music world by storm […]

Caspian – ‘Dust and Disquiet’

It may not seem it, but post-rock is probably one of the most competitive genres out there, particularly when it is of the instrumental variety. Bands such as Explosions In The Sky, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Mogwai or Mono are heralded as the unchallenged kings of the scene, yet beneath them lies an extremely fertile […]

LIVE: Ceremony / Bad Breeding / Chain Of Flowers @ Moth Club, Hackney

When any bands sound moves further away from its original starting point it can push their fan base to opposite poles, but for better or worse, it is an important part of a bands growth. With that in mind, there are few bands that have grown as much as Rohnert Park, CA punks Ceremony. Their […]

The Wonder Years – ‘No Closer To Heaven’

The Wonder Years didn’t just release the best pop-punk album of 2013. With ‘The Greatest Generation’, the Philadelphian sextet blurred the lines between the alternative, the mainstream and the universally heralded. Appearing on a broad range of end of year lists, the album demonstrated art in a world often labelled as superficial. For many, ‘The […]

The Bunny The Bear – ‘A Liar Wrote This’

Metalcore outfit The Bunny The Bear have been knocking around for a while – they started in 2008, when vocalist Matthew Tybor aka ‘The Bunny’ recruited fellow vocalist Chris Hutka, ‘The Bear’. However, after creating four albums with the group and battling various drug addiction problems, Hutka left the band and was replaced by vocalist […]

LIVE: Soulfly / One For Sorrow / Designs Of Chaos @ Islington Academy, London

Designs Of Chaos open proceedings with a solid set of metal, possessing a venomous bite that could stand them in good stead for future outings. Tracks from their ‘Darkest Storm’ EP sound big and riffy, with solos aplenty and some demonic screaming to match. The houselights go up and the room is scattered with horns, […]

Disturbed – ‘Immortalized’

At the turn of the century, the nu-metal sub genre appeared seemingly out of nowhere and took the underground world by storm. However as quickly as it rose like a phoenix, it would ultimately fall like a turkey and become a mockery of itself. There would be some bands that would survive the slump, and […]

Patent Pending – ‘Armageddon’

Having recently signed to Rude Records, ‘Armageddon’ is Patent Pending’s first release for the label and another step forward in their career. First of all however, a few words of warning; exactly how much you will enjoy ‘Armageddon’ hinges on your taste for songs so sugary sweet you’ll end up with a mouth full of […]

LIVE: Ieperfest @ Ypres, Belgium

While everyone knows the larger scale festivals that take place in Belgium each year such as Groezrock, Pukkelpop, Graspop Metal Meeting and so on, one of the most highly respected is the comparatively small Ieperfest. Now in its 23rd year, having grown from a one day event into a three day festival, with 3 stages, […]

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