InMe – ‘Trilogy: Dawn’

A suitably daring undertaking for a band almost twenty years into their career, InMe have gone for a triple album with their ‘Trilogy’ project. It may be coming only a few years after Green Day’s high-profile ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! triple album, but this is something quite different with a far greater level of ambition; a […]

The Early November – ‘Imbue’

‘Imbue’, the fourth full-length by original Drive Thru Records signees The Early November, is their heaviest release to date. Having signed to Rise Records upon their return in 2011, the post-hiatus New Jersey five-piece have continuously developed their sound – building upon the emo driven sound that dominated their first two full-length releases and creating […]

Attention Thieves – ‘Year Of the Jackal’

Attention Thieves were that band who seemed to be everywhere a couple of years ago – they played some great shows, went on some fantastic tours, released a few solid EPs and singles, and then…poof. They simply disappeared and went quiet without a trace. That’s because a week before the release of their EP ‘Hard […]

Break Anchor – ‘In A Van Down By The River’

These days we chuck around the term pop-punk a lot. The term is all encompassing and often isn’t a reliable descriptor for the bands that are tagged as such. Break Anchor however wear this title proudly and do their best to give pop-punk the good name it deserves. This album is not saccharine sweet or […]

LIVE: Pity Sex / The Death Of Pop / Radical Boy @ The Old Blue Last, London

There’s no escaping that nowadays more and more bands are trading in punk rock for a more fuzzy, indie rock sound. No that there’s anything inherently wrong with that, but there is always that danger of a scene diluting itself and it not becoming exciting anymore. Thankfully for Ann Arbor, MI quartet Pity Sex, they […]

Youth Man – ‘Hill of Knives’

Birmingham trio Youth Man truly embody what it is to be a punk band through their raw, thrashy music and their Riot Grrrl attitude. The band have gained notoriety from their frenzied live performances, which is extremely understandable after listening to their music, and ‘Hill Of Knives’ can only add to this, whilst setting them […]

LIVE: Alien Ant Farm / POD / Hoobastank @ KOKO, London

The air around London’s Koko was full of nostalgia for this showing of nu-metal titans from times gone by. For those who rode the nu-metal wave back in the early noughties, this trio were right up there, all boasting impressive stand out tracks that literally everybody knew, and were played around rock nights throughout the […]


When METZ released their self-titled debut in 2012, not even they were prepared for the immediate cult status it would welcome. Despite its overt noise rock, METZ found themselves celebrated in wider musical communities; finding a particularly strong home within the indie market. Their scene shared little in common with their sound, yet successfully generated […]

And So I Watch You From Afar – ‘Heirs’

What makes And So I Watch You From Afar special, compared to other post-rock / math-rock bands is their energy, stage presence, and overwhelming sense of euphoria. ‘Heirs’ is the fourth full-length album from the Belfast quartet and is, unfortunately, nothing new. The energy of their live performances does not translate well onto this record, […]

Spoilers – ‘Stay Afloat’

It’s clear that Spoilers have paid their dues. With the majority of the Kent based four-piece having spent considerable years in other alternative outfits, not least Southport, 7 Day Conspiracy and More Than Normal, ‘Stay Afloat’ carries some serious weight behind it. Far from inexperienced, the six short, sharp tracks bring with them a host […]

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