Rust Belt Lights – Religion & My Ex

Buffalo, NY’s Rust Belt Lights released their second full length release, ‘Religion & My Ex’ through Adeline records (their first release with the label) earlier this month. The album see’s it UK release through the awesome Disconnect Disconnect Records. The album opens with ‘Wasted Wishing’, which is best described as typical punk rock. Strong, punchy […]

Banner Pilot – Souvenir

Banner Pilot are back with their fourth studio album, ‘Souvenir’, and with distinctive vocals, a consistent up-beat tempo, and a heavy nod to late 90’s punk-rock, it’s a very welcome return. ‘Modern Shakes’ is a strong opening track and one that quickly sees the band settle back into their groove – solid verses backed with […]

Villains – ‘Villains’

During his recent controversial Brit award speech, Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame mumbled a few almost incomprehensible lines about rock music and its adherence to the rules of the cyclical nature of the universe. If you try and look far, far, far past his collection of pretentious bullshit statements and try to ignore his […]

Somos – ‘Temple Of Plenty’

Hailing from Boston, Somos (roughly translated as ‘We Are’ from Spanish) are a four piece that are striving to make ambitious, melodic rock with punk and indie undertones. ‘Temple of Plenty’, their 9 track debut album (originally cast to be a 7 track EP), sees them recruit Jesse Cannon (Man Overboard, The Menzingers) on production. […]

Playlounge – ‘Pilot’

With the clocks now firmly forward and the longer days bringing with them a smattering of sunshine, the wait for the summer is almost over. With ‘Pilot’, Playlounge may have crafted its soundtrack. Drenched in distortion, opener ‘I Am A Lion’ lays all cards on the table, a thunderous kick-start that instantly dispels any concern […]

Punk Goes… 90′s vol. 2

Fearless Records have released countless Punk Goes…compilations. From Punk Goes Crunk, to Punk Goes Pop, to Punk Goes 90′s vol 1, Punktastic hasn’t always been a fan of these compilations, challenging their originality and whether they can be deemed “punk covers” at all. Unfortunately this release of 12 songs featuring metal and emo stalwarts such […]


POHL II, is, as the name suggests, the second release from Bristol based POHL, and follows on from 2012’s ‘POHLSMOKER’. It is their first EP since they expanded to a trio towards the end of last year. It kicks off with ‘Cute Guy Alert’ which is the shortest and most straightforward song here. This song […]

Midday Committee – ‘Girls In Open C’

It’s the time of year where new album releases are vetted depending on whether they’re summer soundtracks or not. Fortunately for those seeking long drive anthems and albums of a more sunny nature, ‘Girls in Open C’ ticks all the boxes of a summer classic, keeping things up-tempo and not too deep, with plenty of […]

LIVE: Canterbury / Blitz Kids / Big Sixes @ Dingwalls, London [09/04/14]

Marking the end of their short stint around the UK, melody driven rockers Canterbury are about to grace the stage in front of a sell-out audience at Camden’s Dingwalls. With the release of their third full-length garnering critical acclaim, those patiently waiting in the snaking queue across the docks are seemingly buzzing with excitement. Although […]

LostAlone – ‘Shapes Of Screams’

LostAlone’s third studio album, ‘Shapes of Screams’, is an odd creation. The first few moments of it hint at a pretty standard rock affair before it explodes into a theatrical mishmash of bells and choirs, and soaring solos and pounding riffs. All things taken separately, there is nothing wrong with these elements, but put together, […]

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