Radio Alcatraz – ‘It’s All Coming Up Roses’

Post-hardcore has lost its direction in recent years. With every Tom, Dick and Craig Owens vying to break down boundaries and expectations, how are you supposed to stand out? London quartet Radio Alcatraz’s hold the answer – meaningful, extraordinarily talented tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tony Hawk’s game soundtrack. The follow […]

Live: Taking Back Sunday / Marmozets @ O2 Academy, Oxford

There’s a moment towards the end of Taking Back Sunday’s set tonight which sums up the entire evening.  As the crowd sings back the ‘Why can’t I feel anything from anyone other than you’ refrain from ‘Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team), John Nolan – arguably one of the pioneers of the earnest, ‘I mean this, man’ check-shirt-and-eyes-closed emo pose – […]

Coldbones – ‘Distance’

Kent/Brighton trio Coldbones’ debut release ‘Distance’ brings about a pleasant assembly of post rock, released by the aptly titled Dream Atlantic Records. ‘The Hand Between Us’ starts off the EP with a dreamy riff, rapidly accompanied by an echo of drums that weave quickly between the other cluster of sounds. The steady tempo and metronome […]

Days Like Today – ‘We’re Only Human’

Toronto’s Days Like Today produced one of the best unsigned releases of 2013 in our opinion. Their ‘Vacate’ debut EP was five tracks of hard hitting alt-rock with some huge guitar riffs and even bigger vocal melodies. That release, and the band themselves, should have got far more attention and this follow up EP could […]

Paramore – ‘Self-Titled (Deluxe Edition)’

Paramore dominated 2013 with the release of their highly anticipated, fourth studio album. The album gained widespread success with singles ‘Still Into You’ and ‘Ain’t It Fun’ pushing the band higher and higher up the pop charts, whilst still retaining that rock edge. The past year has seen the band take over America alongside emo […]

LIVE: The World Is A Beautiful Place, The Hotelier, Rozwell Kid, Posture & The Grizzly @ World Cafe, Philadelphia

This tour package had been something I was looking forward to for some time. TWIABP has been a band only rising in popularity, along with The Hotelier on the heels of their incredible new record, “Home Like Noplace is There.” These two bands have always been a staple in the DIY punk scene of basement […]

Trophy Eyes – ‘Mend, Move On’

It has been almost impossible to keep up with the amount of high quality releases that Hopeless Records have put out in the last year or so. Their impressive roster boasts the likes of New Found Glory, Bayside, Cruel Hand and countless others, and amongst all of the bigger names the label has been expanding […]

Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold – ‘Play Pretend’

‘Play Pretend’ is the new EP from Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold and it’s hugely enjoyable. This is four tracks of inventive emo-rock with shades of indie-pop and math-rock thrown in for good measure. The New Hampshire based quartet will be unknown to many but have, frustratingly a few days short of submitting lists, […]

Major League – ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Me’

From as early as the opening notes of ‘Wallflower’ it’s clear that ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Me’, is going to sound and feel markedly different to their début album ‘Hard Feelings’. With guitarist Brian Joyce now taking care of vocal duties, there’s a more pronounced personal feel throughout the album than the band have previously […]

LIVE: Code Orange / Every Stranger Looks Like You / Soul Crusade @ The Old Blue Last, London

The world of heavy music is often a fickle place. Change can be frowned upon, scene points more important than the art being created, or who has the hardest breakdowns overshadowing technical prowess. Those successful enough to carve a name for themselves within the scene are then forgotten at the drop of a hat when […]

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