Oh Captive – ‘Two Mirrors’

It’s always a shame when a young band calls it a day when they’re only a couple of years into their career. Due to financial issues and time commitment, Oh Captive is one of the latest bands to unfortunately break up. But, whilst their career has been rather short lived, the alt-rockers, hailing from the […]

LIVE: Less Than Jake / Yellowcard @ Koko, London

With both Yellowcard and Less Than Jake sharing equal set time, there really isn’t much competition between the two, although it’s fair to say the majority of the crowd are certainly here for Less Than Jake. As the stage darkens, a single spotlight shines upon Yellowcard violinist Sean Mackin, as he delicately plays the hauntingly beautiful introduction […]

High Rise – ‘Tides Will Take You’

After going on indefinite hiatus in 2012 Londoners High Rise are back, and ‘Tides Will Take You’ gets off to an explosive start as the charging guitars and raw vocals of ‘Burdens’ come crashing forward. You can almost feel the weight behind the riffs, and it makes for an emphatic opening statement, leaving the listener […]

LIVE: Terror / Knuckledust / Redemption Denied @ The Underworld, London

Hardcore is undoubtedly one of the few subgenres of punk that has predominantly remained unsullied for the last 30 years. While there are trends, and hype bands sometimes nestled within it, the bands and the supporters that stay true to the real essence of hardcore keep the candle burning and allow it to stay exciting […]

Young Guv – ‘Ripe 4 Luv’

When some musicians come up in hardcore or punk, they usually stay there for good by moving from band to band, creating music of a similar ilk time and time again. That can’t be said for prolific Canadian musician Ben Cook, who has been a mainstay of the Toronto music scene now for nearly 20 […]

Maths – ‘The Fires Courting The Sea’

Screamo trio Maths have always followed the “blink and you’ll miss it” mantra. On their new ‘The Fires Courting The Sea’ EP – their first release proper since 2009’s ‘Descent’ – Maths cram more brilliance into these fleeting moments than ever before. Coming in at around the ten minute mark, the six tracks on offer […]

DIVIDES – ‘Anywhere & Nowhere’

The minute some reviewers see that a band has a female vocalist, they’re falling over themselves to clamour, “Paramore, Paramore, PARAMORE!” But while Paramore are indeed an excellent act, it’s disheartening to see bands pigeonholed so quickly. In step DIVIDES, a gritty rock quintet from Glasgow. Just a year and half old, and led by vocalist Tasha Cowie, these guys have […]

LIVE: Hostage Calm / Into It. Over It @ Schubas Tavern, Chicago

Pop punk scene darlings Hostage Calm announced this fall that they would be disbanding, much to the dismay of many. Since their formation in 2007, HC have taken their fans on a journey that has been one part sonic and one part intellectual, stretching the limits of what we as listeners define as punk. From […]

LIVE: Don Broco / We Are The In Crowd / Young Guns / Bury Tomorrow / Beartooth @ The Forum, London

Each year, there is one tour that kicks off the year in style , consistently booking the next big thing. This year, Kerrang booked a 5 band bill, all very young in their band’s life cycle. Yet all 5 show that they have the potential to be that break out band. First up are Beartooth, […]

Harms Way – ‘Rust’

It would be no understatement to say that Deathwish Inc. is far and away the premier label when it comes to releasing the highest calibre of aggressive music today. Every band the label works with are trying to push the boundaries of this often restricted genre, and Chicago titans Harms Way are no exception. For […]

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