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Red Bull Studios Download 2014: They Say Fall (Pt. 2)

Last week we had a quick chat with They Say Fall, the band who were topping the ranks of Red Bull’s competition to play Download. This week, they’ve topped the ranks for the second week in a row, so we’ve gone back for another chat with Kyle and Brad. You’ve managed to top the rankings […]


New City Kings – lead vocalist/guitarist Mark Konstantinovic, lead guitarist/vocalist (and Mark’s brother) Ben Konstantinovic, bassist/vocalist Charlie Roberts and drummer/vocalist Ben Nyari – are an alternative four-piece from Essex, and they’re going somewhere. Despite only forming in 2013, they’ve managed to achieve a hell of a lot already: Bestival, SXSW and a sold out show […]


Be sure of one thing: Coldrain are going to blow up, and very soon. They’ve already conquered their native Japan, so it’s only a matter of time before they take over the UK with their incredibly catchy mixture of metal riffs and infectious choruses. Vocalist Masato, bassist RxYxO (Ryo), drummer Katsuma, and guitarists Y.K.C (Yokochi) and […]

Red Bull Studios Download 2014: They Say Fall

We’re taking a look at a band doing well in this year’s Red Bull Studios Download Festival opportunity and asking them why you should be paying attention to them… this week, we give They Say Fall a chance to get the word out What is the history of They Say Fall in as few words […]


Forget the entire concept of the introvert emo musician stereotype: Nai Harvest are a band who want to have a go. At their EP release show in Brighton, Ben and Lew shared their (strong) opinions with Punktastic on why they’ll never be a fad band, why CDs are pointless, why singing about love might not […]


Birmingham’s finest metalcore upstarts, Cytota, consist of five members: vocalist Joby Fitzgerald, drummer Harry Jennings (son of Raw Power’s Craig Jennings),  guitarists Youssef Ashraf and Ryan Hamilton, and bassist Oliver Pike. Although they technically formed in 2009, the band were still at school, and so haven’t been able to throw themselves into it fully until […]

Red Bull Studios band profile: Breathe In The Silence

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at some of the bands flying high in the annual Red Bull Studios Download Festival Breathe In The Silence were #1 in the chart at the end of last night – and we sent a few questions over to Conor Evans from […]


New Politics have supported all the big names. We’re talking Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, 30 Seconds To Mars, even P!nk (probably the first and last time she gets a mention on Punktastic). But we didn’t know a lot about New Politics themselves, apart from the fact that they are two-thirds Danish […]

Interview: 5 Seconds Of Summer [March 2014]

Just in case you didn’t know: 5 Seconds Of Summer are going to be absolutely massive. It might be easy to dismiss them as the next One Direction, but they’ve been working with the likes of John Feldmann, Good Charlotte, All Time Low and Mike Duce of Lower Than Atlantis, and they’re coming up with […]

Interview: Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) [March 2014]

After releasing their widely publicised concept album at the start of the year, Against Me! have been gathering momentum ever since. With attention surrounding the album previously focused on Laura Jane Grace’s gender dysphoria, Against Me! are now preparing to let the music do the talking. Alongside the previously announced European Tour, the band today […]