Interview: Fort Hope [December 2014]

We’re here on the final night of tour. What have been your highlights from the last three weeks? Simon: The whole tour has been a highlight really. That’s such a generic answer! Simon: It’s not generic! Jon: The best shows have been Newcastle, Bristol and Manchester by miles, and last night (London) was phenomenal. Those […]

Interview: Nothing [December 2014]

Another band coming to the UK for the first time this year is Philadelphia’s shoegaze outfit Nothing, who feature Nicky Palermo – previously of hardcore band Horror Show – and the notorious Nick Bassett of Whirr. After putting out a stunning debut full length in ‘Guilty Of Everything’ earlier in the year, they’ve won over […]

Interview: MEAT WAVE [December 2014]

On a cold and rainy Sunday night in Chicago, I went down to Wicker Park to a small hookah bar to interview Chris Sutter (vocals/guitar) and Joe Gac (bass) of Meat Wave. The three piece consists of members from notable Chicago bands like Elephant Gun, Bust!, Wide Angles and Truman and His Trophy, and they […]

Interview: Tom DeLonge – Angels & Airwaves [December 2014]

Last week Angels & Airwaves released their fifth album, ‘The Dream Walker’, alongside a short film (‘Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker’) and a multitude of other projects – novels, comic books etc – that will come out over the next year. It’s a hugely ambitious project, and one that seems to be paying off for […]

Introducing: Weatherstate

We recently had a chat with Bristol-based four-piece Weatherstate to find out about their background, their new EP ‘Dead Ends’ and what 2015 has in store for them. If you haven’t heard this band yet, you really should. Read on! Firstly, tell us a bit about the band’s background: how, when and where did you […]

Introducing: Avalon Landing

Avalon Landing are one of those bands you hear and immediately know they are going to be huge. Their songs are so catchy it’s almost a shock they’re not megastars already, but they’re on their way. We talked to vocalist/guitarist Mike Vargovich to find out how they formed, how it feels to be based in […]

Introducing: Wicked Snakes

Staffordshire four-piece Wicked Snakes have just released their debut album through A Wolf At Your Door Records, so we had a chat with them to find out a little bit about their sound, their influences and what’s coming next. Hi guys! Firstly, tell us a bit about the band’s background. How, when and where did […]

Interview: Don Broco [November 2014]

This week, the mighty Don Broco have unleashed their (quite literally) explosive new video for ‘Money Power Fame’, and it’s just a sign of what’s to come for them in 2015. We had a chat with frontman Rob Damiani to find out how the album’s coming along, how psyched they are to get back into […]

Introducing: The Wilde

The Wilde are a five-piece from Leeds, and they’ve just released their stunning new debut EP, ‘Young Libertine’. It’s ridiculously catchy pop rock, and if Kids In Glass Houses left a hole in your life when they split up, The Wilde might just be the ones to fill it. We had a chat with the […]

Interview: David Bazan [November 2014]

David Bazan has always been known for being a prime example of a great singer-songwriter. Both his early work with Pedro the Lion and recordings under his own name have been acclaimed and revered by fans and critics alike. However, the three years after his 2010 release ‘Strange Negotiations’ proved to be difficult for him […]