Introducing: The Wilde

The Wilde are a five-piece from Leeds, and they’ve just released their stunning new debut EP, ‘Young Libertine’. It’s ridiculously catchy pop rock, and if Kids In Glass Houses left a hole in your life when they split up, The Wilde might just be the ones to fill it. We had a chat with the […]

Interview: David Bazan [November 2014]

David Bazan has always been known for being a prime example of a great singer-songwriter. Both his early work with Pedro the Lion and recordings under his own name have been acclaimed and revered by fans and critics alike. However, the three years after his 2010 release ‘Strange Negotiations’ proved to be difficult for him […]

Interview: The Ghost Inside [November 2014]

Today sees the release of The Ghost Inside’s bloody excellent new album, ‘Dear Youth’. To celebrate, we had a chat with frontman Jonathan Vigil while they were over in the UK touring with Asking Alexandria. We discussed the new album, the meaning behind ‘Dear Youth’ and the positives in playing to a completely new fanbase. […]

Interview: Live [November 2014]

Live have been around since 1985 and they are still going strong. They’ve just released their eighth album, ‘The Turn’, and to celebrate, they came and did some tour dates in the UK and Europe. While they were over here, we had a chat with them to discuss the making of the album, how they […]

Interview: Richie Ramone [November 2014]

The Ramones are a band that need no introduction. Their legacy is almost unmatched, and they have influenced almost every band that will claim they are a punk band. The band’s third drummer Richie Ramone breathed a new life into the band when he joined in 1982, and during his five years with The Ramones […]

Introducing: Cavorts

Barnsley four-piece Cavorts have recently released their debut album ‘Got Your Brass’ on In At The Deep End, so we had a chat with them to find out everything you need to know. Enjoy! Tell us about your background: how, when and where did you form? What’s the story behind the band? We’re four mates […]

Interview: Cancer Bats [November 2014]

Having just announced their fifth studio album, ‘Searching For Zero’, and confirmed they will be embarking on a UK tour with hardcore pals While She Sleeps, we caught up with Cancer Bats at the relatively new House of Vans in London to get the lowdown on the record, and what the band are after from […]

Interview: Milk Teeth [October 2014]

Milk Teeth are fast becoming one of the UK’s hottest new bands with their grunge-infused brand of punk rock. You will probably have seen their name on a lot of flyers for shows, and there will probably be a lot more before the year is out. The band have had a string of well received […]

Introducing: High Hopes

This week we’d like to introduce you to a band called High Hopes, who hail from Reading. They’re just about to release their new single, ‘Revelation’, and they’re on tour in Canada. We had a chat with them to find out how they formed, what we can expect from them in the future and what […]

Interview: Mallory Knox [October 2014]

A few weeks back, we headed to Be At One bar in Islington to talk all things ‘Asymmetry’ with Mallory Knox frontman Mikey Chapman and guitarist Sam Douglas. Before they were unleashed on an afternoon of Rocktails festivities, we had a good long chat about making their second album, which comes out next week. While […]