Palm Reader review their new record, ‘Beside The Ones We Love’

Woking five-piece Palm Reader released their thunderous sophomore album, ‘Beside The Ones We Love’ earlier this month. Dominated by complex time-signatures, a heavier sound and some unexpected twists and turns, the record has been turning plenty of heads, and lighting a fire underneath the British hardcore scene. With nods to powerhouses of both hardcore and […]

Introducing: Sumo Cyco

Sumo Cyco’s theatrically named Sever isn’t new to the music industry. Despite the relative young age of the Canadian punk-metal meets dancehall four-piece, the vocalist boasts a previous life as teen popstar, Skye Sweetnam. “I found rock, punk and metal along my journey growing up, but things were going so well I didn’t have a […]

Interview: Billy Talent [April 2015]

The legendary Billy Talent have recently released their greatest hits album, ‘Hits’, but this is by no means the end for them. We spoke to bassist Jon Gallant about the new album they’re working on now, what has kept them together for 21 years, and how they will always pick quality over quantity. How does it […]

Interview: Birds In Row [April 2015]

The European hardcore and punk scene has been a thing of legend for some time now. It has produced some of the finest music from the entire spectrum of aggressive music, and played a huge part in influencing a lot of bands across the world. One of the most inventive bands to come out of […]

Introducing: The Autumn Ravine

The Autumn Ravine released their latest single ‘A Little Sleep’ just over a month ago – and it is phenomenal. Frontman Damon Griffiths displays colossal talent with his huge vocals, while their ambient-like riffs crescendo and fall in waves of pure energy and bliss. Hailing from East Sussex and Kent, this lot are slowly but […]

Interview: Funeral for a Friend [April 2015] 

We caught up with Funeral For A Friend guitarist Kris Coombs-Roberts to talk about their new album, how it feels to one of the last Welsh bands standing, and what it’s like to still be recognised for your first album more than anything else. You’ve just released your seventh album, which is an achievement for […]

Interview: Brawlers [April 2015]

Brawlers have been making waves on the alternative circuit for some time, with their guitar filled pop melodies that hark of Weezer if they hung around in 1960s American fast-food joints. With debut album, ‘The Romantic Errors Of Our Youth’, on the imminent horizon, we chat to vocalist Harry George Johns about the record and […]

Interview: My Favourite Runner Up [March 2015]

We spoke to My Favourite Runner Up lead guitarist Boots about their new single ‘Never Again’, their new musical direction, and found out some funny stories from the road. (NB: Shortly after this interview, the band announced that two members were leaving. We’ve been assured that the band will be carrying on as normal with […]

Interview: Mike Jones – Ghostfest [March 2015]

This year marks Ghostfest’s 10th anniversary. The metal and hardcore festival has been running for a whole decade, and in order to celebrate, they’ve made some changes with an additional location and much more. We spoke to the man behind the scenes, Mike Jones, to find out the score. It’s Ghostfest’s 10th anniversary this year. […]

Interview: Creeper [March 2015]

Having released our favourite EP of 2014, Creeper have been drawing a whole host of attention since the middle of last year. Hitting the road with Moose Blood and preparing for an extensive touring schedule, we sat down with vocalist Will Gould and guitarist Ian Miles in the University of Southampton’s Activity Room, ahead of their […]