Interview: Raketkanon [February 2015]

Those new to the Belgian four-piece Raketkanon may find themselves a little confused. Their combination of sludge, punk, hardcore and the downright unusual isn’t necessarily easy to grasp, but it sure does reek of excitement. On their latest track, ‘Florent’, they swing between doom influenced guitars, sludge soundscapes, keyboards and some outright disturbing vocal wails. […]

Interview: Vinnie Caruana [February 2015]

In what was arguably one of the best early Christmas presents ever when in December 2014 the announcement came that The Movielife would be reuniting. This was coupled with the announcement of a headline show at the Irvine Plaza in New York City that then went on to sell out almost immediately, prompting an extra […]

Interview: Purple [February 2015]

Last year, Texan punk-rock trio Purple took the alternative world by surprise with the release of their excellent ‘(409)’ LP. Joining surf-rock, punk and out-and-out rock n’ roll a la The Subways – not least due to the dual vocal dynamic between Taylor Busby and Hanna Brewer – Purple are set to bring their rough […]

Interview: Gallows [February 2015]

A few days ago, we had a chat with Gallows bassist Stuart Gili-Ross about the band’s forthcoming album ‘Desolation Sounds’ (due in April), their UK tour dates and Slam Dunk appearance in May, Venn Records and more. Your new album ‘Desolation Sounds’ is out in April. What can we expect? Well, it’s a Gallows album […]

Interview: Hidden In Plain View [February 2015]

Before calling it a day in 2007, Hidden In Plain View built their way to becoming celebrated underdogs in the state side emotional hardcore movement of the mid naughties. Signing to the legendary Drive-Thru Records for the release of both of their full-length records – ‘Life In Dreaming’ and ‘Resolutions’ – Hidden In Plain View […]

Interview: Lights Over Bridgeport [February 2015]

Groezrock, the excellent punk-rock festival based in Belgium, returns this May and event sponsors Macbeth are running a fan vote competition to see who joins bands such as Social Distortion, Refused, and Millencolin on the line up. We caught up with the only band from the USA who are in contention, Chicago based Lights Over […]

Interview: Frank Turner – Independent Venue Week [January 2015]

Hi Frank! How are you doing? Hope you’ve had a great Christmas and New Year! I’m good thanks, had a hectic festive season: my birthday is around then and a couple of friends got married, so it wasn’t very sober or sensible. But fun. You’re the ambassador for Independent Venue Week this year, which started […]

INTERVIEW: Spot – Sounds Of Two Eyes Opening [January 2015]

If you were to pull out your favourite LP’s from legendary punk label SST Records you will notice the name Spot appearing in the credits of most of them. Wether it was the volatile hardcore of Black Flag’s debut album ‘Damaged’, or the shredding alt-punk of ‘Zen Arcade’ by Husker Du – to name but a […]

INTERVIEW: Little Elephant [January 2015]

Left to Right: Brian Gross-Bias, Rob Courtney, and Mark Metzger It’s 2015 now, and a lot of people are saying a lot of things about the way the landscape of punk music looks. It’s easy to make value judgments about what social media and streaming services have done to the genre and how its fans […]

Interview: The Brokedowns [January 2015]

Hailing from the small, yet musically inclined town of Elgin, Illinois, The Brokedowns are the type of punk band that you either love to death or have never heard of at all. Regardless, they have put on some of the most insane shows I’ve seen over the years in Chicago, and to say that all […]