Everything on - The Wonder Years

Alright, let?s just get this out of the way up front. Yes, we did play with Boyz II Men. Yes, that Boyz II Men. No, I?m not joking?we have pictures as proof.

Now that that?s over with, do you remember the movie “Twins?” You?ve seen it; trust me. It was when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided he could do comedies. It had Danny DeVito? Come on! Okay, well anyway, the basic gist of it is that there is this science experiment where they take sperm from the worlds best athletes and scholars and compile them all into some sort of super-sperm. Then, they use it to get this girl pregnant. The ensuing child is played by Arnold and is a compellation of all his fathers. Well, it happened again– except this time, the fathers are HelloGoodbye, Set Your Goals, Motion City Soundtrack, Saves the Day and New Found Glory and they all got Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer pregnant. The result is The Wonder Years. We play music that we can have fun with and write songs about the issues that matter most (like Ninjas and shit). As for the defect baby, played in the movie by DeVito; we?ve yet to find him, but when we do, we plan on beating him mercilessly because he?s short and we can. Furthermore, some girl on the boardwalk told us that we (and this is a direct quote), ?play the kind of music [she] lives for.? I know she may not ?technically? work in the ?music industry,? but at the very least, I would consider her a credible expert on the matter.

We’re The Wonder Years, and you need to get stoked on it.