Interview: Bad Religion [August 2015]

Bad Religion are not only one of the most important, but one of the best punk bands that have ever existed. Over 35 years of touring and recording, they have managed to push the boundaries of their own sound without betraying it, and matured in every aspect of their songwriting. Fifteen years ago, they seemed […]

Interview: Crossfaith [Slam Dunk 2015]

We had a quick chat with Japanese metalcore band Crossfaith when we were at Slam Dunk, and they told us about their forthcoming new album and how excited they are to get back on the road after some hard graft in the studio. How do you feel to be back in the UK? I love […]

Interview: Code Orange [Download 2015]

Pittsburgh hardcore outfit Code Orange proved themselves as one of the heaviest, and one of the best, acts at this year’s Download Festival. Before taking to the stage, we caught up with drummer and vocalist Jami Morgan to talk about recent album, ‘I Am King’, and how it’s changed life for the band.

Elway [August 2015]

Elway have just released their new album ‘Better, Whenever’ so we decided to have a little chat with them about the release, Riot Fest and …. Snoop Dogg. What are you most proud of, musically speaking, on the album “Better Whenever”? We took a much simpler approach to recording this record. We recorded in Fort […]

Introducing: EofE [August 2015]

We had a chat with West Midlands five-piece EofE to find out almost everything we need to know about them, including the meaning behind their bandname and what their favourite moment as a band has been so far. Hey guys! How’s it going? Yeah really well thanks, it’s been an amazing ride so far and […]

Interview: Trash Boat [Download 2015]

Speaking at this year’s Download Festival, Trash Boat frontman Tobi Duncan talks to us about this festival ethos, Hopeless Records and life after the release of their recent EP.

Spill [August 2015]

I’m not gonna lie, when Placeholder broke up I was pretty sad. I had just got into them and you know when you find a band, know that you’ll probably see them on one of your trips the US but then get those hopes dashed when they break up soon after that. That was my […]

Interview: Stray From The Path [Download 2015]

With their forthcoming full-length, ‘Subliminal Criminals’, due on the 14th August, we battled with the bad weather and main stage sound to catch up with Stray From The Path as they appeared at Download Festival in June. The band spoke of their new record and playing the festival circuit, as well as a little tongue-in-cheek […]

Interview: Northlane [Download 2015]

We chatted to Australian metalcore outfit Northlane at Download in the lead up to the release of their new album, ‘Node’. The band discussed appearing at festivals, comparisons to events back home and the creation of the new record.

Interview: Rebuilder [July 2015]

We had a great chat with Boston punk band Rebuilder recently about their new album ‘Rock & Roll In America’, getting psyched to get back on the road, and generally being psyched about everything they’ve achieved so far. Hey guys, how’s it going? You’ve recently released your album, ‘Rock & Roll In America’ (which is […]