Interview: American Nightmare [Groezrock 2015]

We were invited into American Nightmare’s dressing room ahead of their performance at Groezrock 2015 to chat with vocalist Wesley Eisold about the reunion and his Cold Cave side project. American Nightmare – Interview at Groezrock 2015 on MUZU.TV.

Interview: ROAM [Slam Dunk 2015]

We caught up with pop-punk upstarts ROAM as they played Slam Dunk Festival in Hatfield.

Interview: This Wild Life [Slam Dunk 2015]

Having just hit the road alongside pop-punk upstarts As It Is, Seaway and Boston Manor, we chatted to This Wild Life as they joined us in Hatfield for Slam Dunk Festival.

Interview: Zebrahead [Slam Dunk 2015]

Matty Lewis from Zebrahead stopped to have a quick chat with us at Slam Dunk South. He was as friendly as ever, and his enthusiasm about touring with the rest of the Californian pop-punk band, wet wipe showers and powdered ice tea was infectious. How’s Slam Dunk been for you so far? Slam Dunk, Sam, has […]

Interview: Survay Says! [Slam Dunk 2015]

Henry Menzel, guitarist and vocalist of the six-piece ska band from New Jersey, Survay Says, spoke to us at Slam Dunk South. He was really knackered – and perhaps slightly hungover – but still so upbeat about his tour with Goldfinger, the chemistry he has with his other five band-mates, and going home to spend some […]

Interview: Millencolin [Slam Dunk 2015]

Nikola Sarcevic (bass, vocals) and Mathias Färm (guitar, vocals) of Millencolin, chatted with us about how skating is part of their identity and foundation, and whether there’s a small possibility that aliens are responsible for their greatest hits. After the success of their recent album ‘True Brew’, it seems that everything is going really well for […]

Interview: As It Is [May 2015]

As they prepared themselves for their biggest headline London show to date, we caught up with As It Is frontman Patty Walters to talk about life on the road and their debut album ‘Never Happy, Ever After’.

Interview: Ceremony [Groezrock 2015]

We caught up with Ceremony following their set at Groezrock 2015. Ceremony – Interview at Groezrock 2015 on MUZU.TV.

Interview: Don Broco [Slam Dunk 2015]

With their highly anticipated sophomore LP on the horizon, we caught up with Don Broco at Slam Dunk in Hatfield.

Interview: Taking Back Sunday [Slam Dunk 2015]

We caught up with Taking Back Sunday at Slam Dunk South in Hatfield.