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INTERVIEW: We Are The In Crowd [March 2014]

We Are The In Crowd have just released their second album, ‘Weird Kids’, and it’s bloody brilliant. A couple of weeks back, we went down to Koko to have a chat with guitarist/vocalist Jordan Eckes about the album, how much they love the UK and how the tour went for them. HOW HAVE THE CROWDS […]


Avid readers will be well aware of As It Is, Brighton’s pop punk/emo quartet (now quintet, having officially confirmed Alistair Testo as their new bassist). After premiering the song ‘Horoscopes’ from their forthcoming EP ‘This Mind Of Mine’ here on Punktastic, they’ve just completed their first ever tour – not only as a band, but […]


At the end of March, Manchester Orchestra will drop their new album ‘Cope’ – their first full length in three years – after playing a short run of shows around the UK. They also recently contributed a track to the soundtrack of the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ movie (yep, that Oscar-nominated one where Jared Leto dresses […]

In The Studio With Lewis Johns: Funeral For A Friend

  In the second instalment of our ongoing feature ‘In The Studio’ with producer Lewis Johns (Ranch Studios, Southampton), we talk about his work with band Funeral For A Friend. Who are you recording at the moment, and what have they been recording? I’m currently in the process of the finishing the seventh Funeral For […]

Interview: Mayday Parade [February 2014]

On their first UK tour in two years, Tom Connick spoke to Derek Sanders – frontman of pop-punkers Mayday Parade – about touring life and keeping it focused on the fans. Welcome back to the UK! How’s the tour been so far? It’s been incredible; it’s been amazing. Awesome shows every night – I was […]

Interview: The Story So Far [February 2014]

Last week we interviewed The Story So Far at the beginning of their UK stint with A Day To Remember. We went down to Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena (before the show was cancelled a mere hour later) to have a quick chat with bassist Kelen Capener about when to expect a third album, the resurgence of […]


Backstage in the graffitied dressing room of The Lexington, Punktastic had a fascinating conversation with Kevin Devine before the first of his recent UK shows. Kevin is touring in support of his dual records ‘Bubblegum’ (produced by Jesse Lacey) and ‘Bulldozer’ (produced by Rob Schnapf) which came out on Big Scary Monsters late last year. […]


The first time this Punktastic team member came across Allison Weiss, it was via her music video for ‘Making It Up’, which features her dealing with the fact that Scott has broken up with her. Scott was her dog. It was a good introduction to Allison’s bittersweet, truthful and catchy songs with pop punk sensibilities; […]

In The Studio With Lewis Johns: An Introduction

In a new series of articles, handily named ‘In The Studio’, we’ll be with Southampton based producer Lewis Johns, getting updates from his work at Ranch Studios in Southampton. Lewis has worked with some fantastic bands in the past, and this summer he’s keeping up the fine work with some well known UK names. Ahead of […]


When you title your record ‘Wrist Slitter’, you’d be wise to anticipate annoying music journalists asking you what that’s all about… Just before Matt Pryor (aka Get Up Kids frontman and all-round hero of the early 2000s emo generation) touches down on UK soil to tour his newest solo album, Georgina Langford asked him about his surprisingly […]