Interview: Cancer Bats [November 2014]

Having just announced their fifth studio album, ‘Searching For Zero’, and confirmed they will be embarking on a UK tour with hardcore pals While She Sleeps, we caught up with Cancer Bats at the relatively new House of Vans in London to get the lowdown on the record, and what the band are after from […]

Interview: Milk Teeth [October 2014]

Milk Teeth are fast becoming one of the UK’s hottest new bands with their grunge-infused brand of punk rock. You will probably have seen their name on a lot of flyers for shows, and there will probably be a lot more before the year is out. The band have had a string of well received […]

Introducing: High Hopes

This week we’d like to introduce you to a band called High Hopes, who hail from Reading. They’re just about to release their new single, ‘Revelation’, and they’re on tour in Canada. We had a chat with them to find out how they formed, what we can expect from them in the future and what […]

Interview: Mallory Knox [October 2014]

A few weeks back, we headed to Be At One bar in Islington to talk all things ‘Asymmetry’ with Mallory Knox frontman Mikey Chapman and guitarist Sam Douglas. Before they were unleashed on an afternoon of Rocktails festivities, we had a good long chat about making their second album, which comes out next week. While […]

Interview: Cyber Tracks (El Hefe – NOFX)

Around two years ago, Aaron Abeyta (most well known as El Hefe from NOFX) and his wife Jen launched their own record label, Cyber Tracks. It’s been going from strength to strength, so we had a chat with them to find out why they decided to start a label, what makes them different from other […]

Interview: Superheaven [October 2014]

When Pennsylvanian grunge band Daylight changed their name to Superheaven earlier this year, there were mixed reactions from fans to the new title. It’s incredible how passionately music fans can react to such a thing, but undeterred, the band went ahead re-issuing their 2013 LP of riffs ‘Jar’ under the new name. Whilst they recently […]

Interview: Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts have released ‘Pleasant Living’ on iTunes and Bandcamp on Triple Crown Records. We caught up with the melodic-emo band from Minnesota to talk about their latest release, what it’s like to be in a band with your family and how they go about song-writing. How did Tiny Moving Parts begin? Considering you’re all family you must have started […]

Introducing: Yeah Detroit

If you’ve been thinking you need some more Scottish pop punk in your life, you’re in for a treat, because this is our ultimate guide to Yeah Detroit. Not only do we have an interview that explores just how they got together and how they got to where they are now, but we have an […]

Interview: The Bots [October 2014]

The Bots, a band who are made up of two siblings, Anaiah and Mikaiah Lei, are about to drop their debut full-length album ‘Pink Palms’ on Monday. It’s an exciting time for the Californian duo, but even more so for everyone who is yet to hear the album. We had a chat with the brothers […]

Interview: Walter Schreifels/ Vanishing Life [October 2014]

When talking about youth crew hardcore, post-hardcore or alternative-rock, it would be near impossible not to mention the name of Walter Schreifels. Having spent time in Gorilla Biscuits, Warzone, Youth Of Today, Quicksand, Rival Schools and more, Schreifels has been a mainstay in the music world for nearly 30 years now and shows no signs […]