Ataris DVD, album and new guitarist info

On the Ataris website, Kris Roe gives an insight into what is going on in the Santa Barbara bands camp. And the good news is that there seems to be a lot on the way…

“First off, we have a new guitar player, his name is John Collura. He’s from New York, and he has always been a great friend of ours and toured with us for a long time as our guitar tech. He was formerly a guitarist in the Fearless Records band Beefcake. Everyone please give Johnny a warm welcome. :)

* We just fininshed re-mixing our first CD, “Anywhere But Here.” It’ll be re-released in Jan. 2002 with never before heard bonus tracks, new artwork + liner notes, and rare interview + early live video footage on an enhanced CD. We think it turned out awesome, it sounds like a whole new record. You’ll just have to check it out!

* Our home video will be out early next year finally, also on Kung Fu Records, containing interviews + live footage from the last five years from all over the world + our videos for “San Dimas,” “Summer Wind,” + “Teenage Riot.” Also available on DVD!

* We will be home til next Mar. 2002 at least rehearsing + recording new songs for our debut on Columbia Records due out next summer. We feel the songs are our best ever. Musically they are more a step back to the more simple, straight forward style on “Blue Skies…” But lyrically they are deeper and more complex. As of right now the record will be titled “Don’t Ever Compromise What You Believe.”

* We have lots of new photos + merch up on our website including one special Internet only t-shirt design that we’ll be donating all of the profits to children of parents that died in the WTC tragedy on Sept. 11th. Please everyone buy one so we can all help do our part to help out and have a positive effect on someone’s lives.

* We will be playing a handful of smaller club shows in Nov. and two shows around x-mas including one at our store “Down On Haley.” Tentative cities are: Vegas, Salt Lake, Denver, S.F., Boise, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver… etc. Check our tour dates section for actual date.

* Come visit our store of records, CD’s, clothing, etc.: “Down On Haley” in Santa Barbara. It’s located at 414 E. Haley St. right off the 101, real easy to find. Directions are at if you get lost. As I mentioned we’ll be home til at least March, so if you want to say hi or something we are our store usually.

* That’s it for now. As always, thanks for your letters, demos, and gifts. Yes we did read every last letter and listen to every demo. Some of you got personal replies and the rest recieved this nice letter I wrote that hopefully will answer whatever questions I couldn’t respond to.

Take care,
Love your pals – The Ataris

– Kris Roe”

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