Deconstruction exclusive!

I am far too nice to you people. Here, exclusive to Punktastic, is more info about the forthcoming Deconstruction Festival. Confirmed to play are: NOFX, *secret surprise TBC*, Boysetsfire, Bouncing Souls, Thrice, TSOL, Real McKenzies, Fabulous Disaster + 2 UK bands. If you’ve read any different anywhere else, they’ve lied! This is the OFFICIAL line-up. On top of that BMXers Zach Shaw, Stefan Giesler and John Taylor and skaters Ali Cairns, Pete King, Dave Allen and Jocke Olson will also be doing their thing. Still no word on UK dates and venues, but the rumour is June 6 and 7. We shall keep you posted. And for those concerned about the whereabouts of the Deconstruction official website, their server company went bust – hopefully it will return on Monday.

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