Dropkick Murphys live on your stereo!

The Dropkick Murphys have announced plans for a live album. Heres what the band had to say on their website:

“O.K., We’re pleased to announce that we’re finally releasing a live record. This album is comprised of songs recorded over 3 nights during this year’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend in our home town of Boston, MA. This is something we wanted to do for a while: to capture the show live, to capture the audience, the atmosphere, the blood, the sweat, the tears, and the beers. Every time we do a new studio album, there’s always one thing missing – YOU – the most important member of the band; our inspiration and motivation, our best backup singers and sometime lead singers. Well, this time we got you. That’s right, 3 shows and 75 plus songs recorded. YOU were great on all 75; the 25 that WE didn’t screw up are on this record.”

For more info vist www.dropkickmurphys.com

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