Goodbye 2005

Some new years recommendations. Click the band names for music and love…

Tauntra – I have been ranting and raving about this lot for the past year now, but 2006 is looking like theirs for the taking. A split with the Capones is due shortly on BH/BB Records and with two accomplished releases behind them, it’s looking a rather promising 12 months ahead.
Mistake Us For Friends – It’s been a quiet year (minus the manic touring schedule) for the Scottish quartet, but its looking rosier as the boys prepare to unleash a debut full length upon us all. If the ‘Fashioncore’ EP is anything to go by, hold on to your hats, this will be a biggie…
PMX – Ultra melodic and snare shredding punk from Scotland. I only found them three weeks ago, I suggest you do the same to make your life that little bit better. You can even download one album for free off purevolume! Hail, charity!
Written from Negative – Stuffed with hooks galore and a hefty amount of melody to make even the most hardened misery guts dance like a spazz, it is about time they got the respect they so surely deserve. From Sunderland, but don’t hold it against them.

So go ahead, listen and be merry. Happy New Year!

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