I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light

Submitted: Brand New have updated this website (kind of) with strange pictures such as this one and suggest they could release an EP at some point in the near future. “We are not trying to be secretive. We are just coy. And we’ve been thinking and realizing that we have about 2,342 songs demoed/tracked/arranged/workedout ect.ect.ect. so there is a good chance that we may let some of that out in a pre-chosen media form in the near future BEFORE our actual record which has ten working titles. this isn’t a promise but we’re getting tired of being the only people who actually listen to us lately.”

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Paul, otherwise known as Sav, is quite possibly the only member of the Punktastic team to actually have a proper job. But don't hold that against him. He's actually a proper journalist, (a reporter for a daily northern paper) and so adds a bit of credence to the team. Except you wouldn't think that by reading his reviews. Maybe somebody should tell him that it is quality and not quantity that counts! Sav actually ended up working for Punktastic after meeting Nick at university, and the pair bonded over all things punk rock. Another guitarist, he also "writes a lot of songs about relationships, and how mine went wrong." Oh, and he loves the Ataris, if you hadn't already noticed. In his spare time he worships at the church of Kris Roe... Other fave bands include: MxPx, New Found Glory, Blink 182, Weezer, Midtown, Reel Big Fish, The Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio, NOFX, Green Day, Deftones, Lit and Silverchair to name but a few. Hobbies include, sleeping, drinking, eating fish and supporting Grimsby Town FC. But hey, somebody has to.