More on RBF & Leeds

For those of you that have been confused by previous statements this is from RBF’s official site:

“After announcing the cancellation of the Reel Big Fish set at the recent Leeds Festival due to circumstances outside of our control, we asked concertgoers to retain their ticket stubs pending the announcement of a make up show for this performance we were very disappointed to miss.

Since that time, we’ve received many emails regarding the ticketing system at Leeds, and we have come to understand that the show tickets were exchanged at the gates for wrist bands.

If possible, please retain these show wrist bands, but if you’ve already thrown your wrist band out, don’t panic, we understand, and we’re working on details for a makeup show to include everyone who missed the Reel Big Fish Leeds performance.

Thanks for your understanding, patience, and all of the well wishes you’ve sent for Carlos and his family.

Stay tuned to this page for further updates on the makeup show as they become finalized.”

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