PG tour

New Deck Cheese signings Phinius Gage have a few gigs before Christmas, then a tour with Not Katies early in 2003. And a dickie bird tells me they may be playing somewhere on January 11 too…
Wed 4 Dec – Brighton Hobgoblin (+ Poindexter)
Sat 7 Dec – London, Underworld (+ No Comply, Not Katies, Fletcher, Shootin Goon) Deck Cheese Christmas Blitz
Wed 11 Dec – Swindon Furnace (+ King Prawn)
Mon 16 Dec – Brighton Freebutt (+ TBC)
Fri 20 Dec – Uxbridge Fountain’s Mill (+ Blind to The Fact)
Sat 28 Dec – Bath Porterbutt (+ Tiny Elvis, Setbacks, Poindexter)
Sun 19 Jan – London Verge (+ My Dad Joe, Blind To The Fact)
Wed 22 Jan – Bristol The Croft (+ Five Knuckle, Not Katies)
Sat 25 Jan – Nottingham Old Vic (+ Fletcher, Not Katies)
Wed 5 Feb – Swindon Victoria (+ Not Katies)
Thu 13 Feb – Folkestone Stripes (+ Not Katies)
Sat 15 Feb – Reading Roebuck Hotel (+ Not Katies)

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