Phinius Gage studio diary – Day 2

Day 2, curteousy of guitarist Pie: “To make the most of the day, we ensured that everything was set up and ready to go by the time Iain rolled up at 9:30am, which impressed him slightly. We recorded the two tunes that were giving us trouble the day before, including a new one ‘The Fire’s Burning’ which clocks in at a hefty 4 minutes, and overdubbed the guitars for all the tracks laid down so far. This gave Iain ample opportunity to laugh heartily at my occasionally comically wrong notes, and make cutting quips such as “Nice power dis-chord there”, or “That was spot off”. The individual overdubbing was a strange experience – sat by yourself in the studio wearing the huge headphones, listening to the track for when to come in and having your efforts assessed by Iain and the other lads in the recording room. Iain’s mic in this room was amusingly sensitive, allowing hushed comments along the lines of “I’ll go down and f**king play it myself” unintentionally audible. It was surprising and mildly disappointing that no fights ensued from this. Nevertheless, we had a couple of hours left after all the necessary instrumental parts had been amended, enabling Ade to flex his vocal muscles on a couple of tracks. Iain seemed to be taken aback by the volume of Ade’s voice, considering his small physical (and phallic) stature. A fair bit of progress had been made by the end of the day, and we enjoyed a relaxed evening watching mediocre television and playing Playstation, with Matt’s appalling flatulence being the only cause of upset.”

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