Plus 44/AVA catfight

MTV got the scoop on the upcoming release from Plus 44, the post-Blink 182 band featuring Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. The duo let loose a potential name for the upcoming album, Little Death, as well as clearing up some confusion surrounding the band’s sound and focus: “We didn’t want to talk about the record until it was nearly finished. We had an idea about what it was going to be, and it changed, but now we can finally talk about i. But because of our silence, all these people online started to make up their own sh–. They made their own songs and posted them saying they’re our songs. The stuff that’s out there now isn’t really Plus-44.” Hoppus goes on to explain that the original vocalist tapped, Carol Heller, has left. The current lineup also includes Craig Fairbaugh (the Forgotten, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards) and Shane Gallagher. He goes on to explain that the album will feature a bit of guest “tinkering” by Dan the Automator. They describe the sound as “guitars mixed with keyboards, and electronic drums mixed with live drums” and that “it’s based on guitars and rhythms.” The duo offered a little insight into the demise of Blink and the emergence of two vastly different projects: “I have to say you’re definitely seeing what the real Tom was like, and that’s the only comment I’ll make about him or his band.”

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