No Sleep Records new digital compilation New Noise (heavy) Volume 1 is out today and is available for FREE online at Check out the track listing below..
01. The Dead See – Beyond the Lake of Sleep
02. My America Is Watching Tigers Die – Our Words Will Fail Us
03. Anything On Fire – ROBOT.HATE.SEX
04. Sophia – Suffocating the Magpie
05. (Damn) This Desert Air – Nightingale
06. The Black Noise Party Boys – Spend The Night Party
07. Spark Is A Diamond – Try This On For Size
08. ANCESTOR – Sweet Ink, Brah.
09. Swallow The Ocean – Hands Folded, Eyes To The Sky
10. The Jonbenet – Black Lion
11. The Fire The Flood – A Downfall Of Western Culture
12. Look What I Did – Quit It!
13. Bullet Treatment – Already Dead
14. Broadcast Sea – Black Waves
15. Strength Behind Tears – November Tenth
16. P.J. Foster – The Gunslinger
17. Monarchist – Locust

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