Weezer say Maladroit

Rivers Cuomo and the boys have officially announced the title of their fourth record.

On their website, www.weezer.com, the boys state: “Thats right, it’s official: Weezer‘s 4th album, currently in the mixing stage and due for release in April, is entitled “Maladroit.”

“This means that the ‘colour’ theme will not be revisited this time round, (as fiercely debated by fans) and there will only be 2 self titled weezer records. (so far at least!)

“The name was originally suggested on the weezer.com message boards by board member “lethe”, who will be officially credited for the idea.

“Tracks will indeed include the barnstorming “Take Control”, “Dope Nose” and “Keep Fishin”, all fan faves at live shows over the past year.”

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