From Indian Lakes – ‘Absent Sounds’

Those seeking music to lose themselves into won’t have to look much further than the third full-length by Californian atmospheric indie-rockers From Indian Lakes. With Joey Vannucchi – an intriguing individual born and raised in the Yosemite National Park Area – clearly at the creative helm, the expansive soundscapes act as a soundtrack to a […]

LIVE: This Wild Life / Rob Lynch @ Underworld, London

See our full gallery here. This Wild Life are not your typical band. Having shrunk from a full band to an acoustic duo following their early reception, Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso have since found themselves embraced by the alternative scene – not least, judging by tonight’s onlookers, the young. Although predominantly filled by […]

Lagwagon – ‘Hang’

Throughout the late 90’s and early 00’s there was a punk rock scene that didn’t need to rely on any kind of commercial appeal to gain a solid fan base, and had enough depth to their music without needing to ever ‘sell out’. Bands like Pennywise, No Use For A Name, Good Riddance and many […]

Solemn Sun – ‘Solemn Sun’

Earlier this year, much-loved folk-punks Jim Lockey and The Solemn Sun decided that they weren’t prepared to simply tread water in the scene that had been so far been their home, and they would “reinvent the band we are and restart our journey again on our own terms”. Now known simply as Solemn Sun, retaining […]

LIVE: Marmozets / Beats @ The Fighting Cocks, Kingston

Album release shows are a chance to see bands in environments that you wouldn’t normally see them in and Banquet Records are quite adept at getting big name artists to play smaller venues for such an occasion. In the past they’ve had bands like Twin Atlantic and Royal Blood play special shows, but this time, […]

Live: Friday @ WTFest – Apologies, I Have None and more

Southampton hosts one of the UK’s best alternative music scenes. It’s a popular stop off for international tours, boosts some excellent emerging talent, and has one of the most on point studios in the country. Its success has come off the back of solid hard work and blind faith though, and this is often personified […]

LIVE: Marmozets / Lonely The Brave / Allusondrugs @ The Scala, London

The last time Marmozets played Scala, it was on a club night 2 years ago. Tonight they returned as headliners and showed that they deserve to be playing even bigger venues than this. First up though are Leeds natives Allusondrugs. Having a Nirvana flavour to them, they embark on an adrenaline fuelled set to open […]

State Champs – ‘The Acoustic Things’

If you were to ask, “Who are State Champs?”, you’d most probably be given a look that suggested that you’d A) been dropped on your head at an early age, or B) been living under a rock for the last four years. Because State Champs are one of the newer bands on the pop-punk scene, […]

Boston Manor – Driftwood

‘Driftwood’ is the new EP from Blackpool’s Boston Manor, released this October on Failure By Design Records. It’s six tracks of positive, up-tempo pop punk that matches anything we’ve heard from a UK band in the genre this year. It’s also a marked improvement on the band’s debut EP, 2013’s ‘Here / Now’ and that’s […]

LIVE: Moose Blood, Milk Teeth, Weak Nerves @ Old Blue Last, London

Moose Blood are big deal right now. Actually, its safe to say that Moose Blood are one of the biggest deals to happen to the UK music scene in recent memory. Their new album ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’ is a perfectly crafted body of work that delivered in every way […]

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