Oceans Ate Alaska – ‘Lost Isles’

Metalcore five-piece Oceans Ate Alaska have done incredibly well in the last few months. Late 2014 saw them sign a record deal with the prestigious Fearless Records, whilst landing tours alongside metalcore heavy weights, such as The Color Morale and The Word Alive – and they’re not quite allowed to rest on their laurels. Not […]

LIVE: Marmozets / Thought Forms @ Electric Ballroom, London

It’s of little surprise that the Electric Ballroom in Camden is at breaking point tonight for the youthfully Northern five-piece Marmozets. Having blown almost everyone away with their debut full-length, ‘The Weird and Wonderful…’ last year, and having honed their live skills with a whole host of dates across the globe, tonight adds another cherry […]

Big Fin – ‘Ebb & Flow’

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a rock musician in possession of a great singing voice, must be in want of an acoustic solo career. Whether it’s the toll of touring, the psychic drain of creativity-by-committee or good old fashioned ‘maturity’, the acoustic rebirth is a phenomenon which seems to have gained particular momentum over the last ten […]

LIVE: Mineral @ The Underworld, London

The term “Never say never” has never been a truer statement than in recent times. Countless bands over the last few years have come back for reunion shows and tours, some of which seemed almost impossible to fathom ever happening in this life time. One of the biggest shocks came last year when Texan emo […]

Anakin – ‘Celestial Frequency Shifter’

Since forming in 2010, Anakin have always taken a wholeheartedly inventive approach to the creation of their music and ‘Celestial Frequency Shifter’ is the most fully realised example of their vision to date. It would be easy to dismiss Anakin as simply another post-rock band given their influences of The Rentals and HUM to name […]

Like Pacific – ‘Like Pacific’

Like Pacific make an energetic start to their self-titled EP, but given its sub one minute and a half length, opening track ‘Sigh Of Relief’ does little more than offer glimpses of what might be to come from the Canadian pop-punks. It seems like overly familiar riffs, albeit ones accompanied by solid vocals, will be […]

King Woman – ‘Doubt’ EP

One of the most beautiful things about music is that it can capture the feeling of many things, and when you hear a certain sound it can spark images in your mind. Music can feel the same as a season, can sound like a colour, and can even bring forth almost any emotion. If ‘Doubt’ […]

LIVE: The Wonder Years – Union Chapel, Philadelphia

About three years ago exactly, I discovered a band called The Wonder Years by way of their third album, ‘Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing.’ I was floored. It was unlike any album I had ever heard and I couldn’t put it down. And I know that it sounds really stupid and […]

LIVE: Neck Deep / Knuckle Puck / Seaway / Trophy Eyes @ Electric Ballroom, London

“Literally nobody thinks pop-punk is dead.” So says a Tweet responding to our, admittedly, overly enthusiastic declaration of the genre’s longevity. A tweet brought about by an exuberant crowd of youngsters singing their hearts out to a host of emerging and established talent who are propelling themselves towards pending superstardom, somewhat under the radar. Names […]

Adventures – ‘Supersonic Home’

It would be impossible to talk about Adventures without mentioning the fact that three out of five members of the band are shared with Pittsburgh hardcore kings Code Orange. The only other similarity between the two that needs mentioning is that whatever the members of these bands put their heart and soul into they really […]

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