Chiodos – ‘Devil’

Chiodos are certain to garner a lot of attention with ‘DEVIL’. It is the band’s fourth album and the first to feature founding member Craig Owens on vocals since his well-documented return to the band in 2012, after he was briefly replaced by Brandon Bolmer for ‘Illuminaudio’ in 2010. ‘DEVIL’ hits its stride with ‘Ole […]

Nightmares For A Week/Banquets – Split

Split EP’s are considered by some to be throwaway collections of songs that don’t fit together – more of a functional way to release and distribute tracks. Luckily, Banquets and Nightmares For A Week have bypassed these tropes, and this is a split which is definitely worth a purchase. Nightmares For A Week have an indie-tinged […]

Itch – ‘The Deep End’

Here at Punktastic, it’d be hard to say that we’re a stranger to Red Bull Records artist Itch. Controversy surrounding his former band The King Blues spewed up through the forums a few times “back in the day” – go search for it if you’re that bothered – and there’s always that cameo in the […]

La Dispute – Rooms Of The House

If you can manage to collect a group of songs under a banner, and keep the listener not only interested, but really take that listener on a journey with you, then you can justifiably consider your work a success. This third LP by La Dispute tells us that there is “history in the Rooms of […]

The Used – ‘Imaginary Enemy’

Clearly affected by the United States’ government controversial involvement in the Middle East and its intangible war on terror, ‘Imaginary Enemy’ is first and foremost The Used’s political opus. The record’s anger is deeply cemented in the lyrics, with McCracken belting out overt political tirades – some of them more articulate than others. On ‘El-Oh-Vee-Ee’, […]

LIVE: Architects/ Stray From The Path/ Northlane @ Solus, Cardiff [11/03/14]

Architects rock London Koko, photo by Graham Berry Tonight sees the mighty Architects hit Cardiff on their sold out UK tour. Their star is rising, and it’s obvious to everyone: whether it’s the hordes of teenagers waiting outside (at a time when most bands are desperately struggling to get people out to shows), or whether […]

LIVE: Yearbook / Brawlers / Gunning for Tamar @ Birthdays, London [07/03/2014]

There aren’t many things better than heading to a gig on a Friday night, after a long week of work. But when you discover said gig is free and the line-up boasts some of the best up and coming indie-punk bands of the moment, it’s an absolute no brainer. Taking over Birthday’s in Dalston were […]

Fireworks – ‘Oh, Common Life’

‘Oh, Common Life’ is the eagerly anticipated follow up to Fireworks 2011 sophomore effort – ‘Gospel’ an album which probably surprised a fair few people with it’s substance and songwriting. It was always clear as day since Fireworks first started teasing the record that ‘Oh, Common Life’ would be a straight progression from ‘Gospel’ and […]

Cloud Nothings – ‘Here and Nowhere Else’

Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings achieved critical crossover success with 2012’s ‘Attack on Memory’ – a sonic explosion that melted melody and distortion into dark, filthy wonder. The unconventional structure of the album was at its forefront, opening with the most commercially viable track yet immediately throwing the listener into a nine minute long auditory masterpiece. Reversing […]

The Lawrence Arms / The Copyrights / Elway @ Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA

The Lawrence Arms, The Copyrights, Elway Thursday, March 06, 2014 at the Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA A cold and dreary Thursday doesn’t seem like a great night to go to a show, but the Lawrence Arms and Co.’s recent outing made it completely worthwhile for Philadelphia punks to come out of hibernation. Philly’s […]

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