LIVE: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes / Creeper / Polt Her Geist @ Borderline, London

There’s an odd juxtaposition in the way punk icon Frank Carter conducts himself on stage, as he wavers from obnoxious and violent to humble and welcoming in the switch of a strobe light. One moment he is involved in a rather unnecessary altercation with an overzealous fan, and the next he is encouraging his mother […]

The Bastard Sons – ‘Smoke’

“T. H. E. B. A. S. T. A. R. D” shout The Bastard Sons in opening track ‘The Bastard’ on their new LP ‘Smoke’ which will have crashed through your roof all jet plane engine like on the 7th August through Kaiju Records. There has been a refreshing array of new guitar bands favouring powerful riffs […]

LIVE: Korn @ O2 Academy, Brixton

Three US Presidents. Four British Prime Ministers. 9/11, 7/7 and the frankly inexplicable rebranding of Opal Fruits as Starburst. A lot has happened to the world since the release of KoRn’s self-titled début album in 1994, but you wouldn’t know that to glance around Brixton’s palatial O2 Academy this evening. Hell, the posters inside are even advertising an upcoming […]

Brunel – ‘Smash On’

Brunel have been together since 2012, their beginnings rooted in the Plymouth alternative scene. ‘Smash On’ is the debut from the 4 piece. Made up with members from previous musical projects Brunel are: Jim MacGregor (vocals), John Cooper (Guitarist), Craig Smith (Bassist) and Ben Russell (Drums). They have gate-crashed 2015 with their full-length, a ferocious […]

American Fangs – ‘Dirty Legs’

“Put your hands where my eyes can see” are the first cries of American Fangs vocalist Gabriel Cavalos seconds into opening track ‘Slavery Wedding’. With only three seconds of feedback before the track comes in with its Gallows energy-meets-Busta Rhymes lyrics, it sets the simple yet powerful tone for the album. With ten tracks spread […]

Muskets – ‘Spin’

Muskets have built a name for themselves in the UK emo and grunge scene through playing shows and their first release, ‘Pollyseed’. ‘Spin’ is a great follow up to ‘Pollyseed’ for fans both old and new, as it shows their progression without drastically changing their sound. Opener ‘Tate Modern’, doesn’t hold back in showing who […]

Thy Art is Murder – ‘Holy War’

Any long-time deathcore enthusiasts will know the ‘poster boys’ of the scene – Suicide Silence, Whitechapel and Job For A Cowboy to name some recent big ‘uns – have always taken a staunch anti-religion/government/establishment stance in their music. But with ‘Holy War’, these infamous Aussie filth-mongers are wearing this stance so firmly on their sleeve, […]

We Came As Romans – ‘We Came As Romans’

Despite often being lumped in with the whole screamo/metalcore scene, We Came As Romans have previously stood out for being more progressive musically than some of their peers. This, their fourth album, retains such elements but more often than not dispenses with them in favour of a more straightforward approach that doesn’t always work. Opening […]

Big Awesome – Party On

Party On, the debut record South Carolina’s Big Awesome, is a wonderful, accomplished record full of energy, emotion and enthusiasm. This band has produced a real gem with this 10-track emo record. The chorus on ‘What Grows Up Must Get Down’ will go round and round in your head, whilst the riff for ‘Foliage’ is […]

Dan Andriano – Party Adjacent

Alkaline Trio has, over the years, seen a plethora of side projects from it’s small handful of members. Some have been forgettable, while others, like The Falcon, have demanded a great amount of attention. In my opinion, bassist and singer Dan Andriano’s first LP under the moniker of Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room fell […]

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