The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die – ‘Harmlessness’

Whether your average music listener will want to admit it, or not – there is a lot to be said about a band name. It should always be the music that does the talking, but so often that’s not the first thing you are greeted with, and a name can suck you in as quickly […]

A Drunken Stumble Through My First Awesome Fest

Labor Day is upon us again and although I would’ve loved to have spent the long weekend suffering through a sunburnt and sand all over my body while at an overly crowded beach, I decided to spend it sunburnt and damn near shitfaced in sunny and beautiful North Park San Diego. This isn’t my first […]

LIVE: Creeper / Hindsights / Ghost Cub @ Old Blue Last, London

“This is our first show. Well – technically, it’s our second practice.” Ghost Cub vocalist, guitarist and general creative force Neil Kennedy might be smiling as he addresses a sold-out Old Blue Last, but he’s not joking. An underground super-group of sorts, the Southampton quintet are tearing through a brief set of songs that most […]

The Winter Passing – ‘A Different Space of Mind’

Over the years, Ireland has produced some incredibly fine music, and it’s sometimes easy to forget just how good some of the bands have been. Indie-pop darlings The Cranberries, and pioneering shoegaze icons My Bloody Valentine are just two of the best to hail from The Emerald Isle, and of course whether you love them […]

Atreyu – ‘Long Live’

Having spent the best part of the last four years on hiatus and not having released anything since 2009, you’d be forgiven for finding news of Atreyu’s return last year surprising if not a little underwhelming. However, with bands such as Of Mice And Men leading the way and plenty of newcomers eager to make […]

Crazy Town – ‘The Brimstone Sluggers’

Nu metal has been experiencing something of a revival of late, with a well received nostalgia tour from Alien Ant Farm, Hoobastank and P.O.D, a new album from Disturbed, and a second stage festival headline slot from Limp Bizkit. One hit wonders Crazy Town are the latest band to attempt to grab a piece of […]

Bullet For My Valentine – ‘Venom’

It’s fair to say Bullet for My Valentine have quite a bit riding on fifth album ‘Venom’. After the release of their first three albums, they were seen as the bright hopes of British metal. Their thrashy yet poppy approach to Welsh rock, more in line musically with James Hetfield than James Dean Bradfield, propelled […]

You’ll Live – ‘Moving Past This’

Throughout the mid to late 90’s, the punk scene experienced the birth of a new sub-genre, which for better or worse became known as “screamo”. While bands denounced the term, it’s easy to see why those who used raw and abrasive hardcore punk to soundtrack emotionally charged lyrics were given this descriptor. It may have […]

Blacklisters – ‘Adult’

Trying to describe the noise rock genre to anyone who isn’t in the know is always a difficult task. It has a history rooted in both grunge and punk, and while drawing heavily from each world, it is more than just a fusion of the two. The best way you could possibly sum up noise […]

Elasea – ‘Where I Belong’

The UK’s anthemic, alternative-rock scene has promoted some successful acts in recent years, with the likes of Mallory Knox and Lower than Atlantis, and though ‘Where I Belong’ isn’t perfect, it shows enough potential for Elasea to be considered for that level of success in the future. Opener ‘Glass Heart’ sets a strong foundation with […]

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