Rise Against – ‘The Black Market’

Many people’s knowledge of Rise Against doesn’t stretch further than the angry anthems that spawned out of 2006, including ‘Prayer for the Refugee’ and ‘Ready to Fall’. However, seven albums in, Rise Against are still going strong and delivering their punk, eco-political inspired sound across the World. Latest offering ‘The Black Market’ continues on from […]

LIVE: 2000 Trees Festival – Saturday

Photo courtesy of Dom Meason / 2000 Trees, from the official 2000 Trees gallery. Haven’t caught up with what we got up to on Thursday and Friday? Saturday   “…flooooooooooooor.” Why am I on the floor? After being reliably informed that I used the half-full campsite bin-bag as a pillow when returning from the silent […]

Samoans – ‘Rescue’

The notion of a ‘local band’ is one that can make or break a young group’s dreams of the big time. Build up too much of a hometown fanbase and it’s easy to get landlocked, spread yourself too thinly nationwide and you run the risk of being forgotten. Darlings of the Cardiff scene for years, […]

Whipped – ‘Future No Brainers’

The Midwest produces a lot of things. Corn, tornadoes, soybeans, punk bands… Chicago’s Whipped are another product of the area, and they really pick up the pace in their EP ‘Future No Brainers’. They play the kind of catchy punk that’s so visible these days, but with differences that make them stand out — especially […]

Twin Atlantic – Penguin Plugged In, The Hospital Club

Life as a Punktastic writer isn’t always a side stage view at the latest 5 Seconds Of Summer basement gig, free drinks with Dave Grohl, or finding a pre-release copy of the new Brand New album in your inbox. Sure it’s often exactly that, but occasionally us writers just get plain lucky. Penguin clothes, made […]

Colt45 – ‘The Tide is Turning’

Likeable may be a strange way to describe an album, but Colt 45’s “The Tide is Turning” is exactly that, it’s the kind of album that gets the seal of approval from the first listen. Their distinctly British vocals are easy to warm to, with their delivery comparable to home grown bands like Deaf Havanna […]

LIVE: 2000 Trees Festival – Thursday/Friday

Photo courtesy of Dom Meason / 2000 Trees, from the official 2000 Trees gallery. 2000 Trees is a quintessentially British festival. There’s really no denying it. As I stand underneath the ironically singular tree on site and survey my surroundings, a few things jump out at me that cement the idea. There’s food, but not […]

Guerrilla Monsoon / Gameday Regulars – ‘Split EP’

It’s immediately obvious from the opening track of New York punk-rockers Gameday Regulars and Birmingham’s (UK) Guerrilla Monsoon that you’ve entered a world of unfaltering melodic punk. In essence, these 11ish minutes are the epitome of pop-punk – fast paced drums and gritty vocals up against insatiably catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms – yet “pop-punk” […]

Handguns – ‘Life Lessons’

Pop-punk, and almost every other genre in fact, often treads a thin line between cliché and accessibility. The slightest swerve in a different direction can turn a potential gateway band into yet another well-produced yet uninspiring dirge. There is a point where one too many lyrical stereotypes are fulfilled and a musically well-written record becomes […]

Greenhorn – ‘I Want More’

Greenhorn is the studio side project from Roger Lima of Less Than Jake fame and this ‘I Want More’ EP sees him act as song writer, performer, and producer all in one go. He’s joined by friend Jen Vito here too, balancing out the vocals and giving the EP a fresh touch. However, and this […]

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